Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gamber Baits FREE TOURNAMENT on Guntersville

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Yep. FREE TOURNAMENT! Sure, you have to use their baits. While I admit that I have never used their baits, buying a few packs to fish a free tournament is fine by me.

November 3rd at the Bucky Howe ramp on Guntersville. Now, Bama fans, I realize that's the BIG DAY and all...but it will be over in plenty of time!

Their website is here:

Here is the entry form:

I plan on getting onto a specific tackle site (which won't hook me up on deals, even though I plug them) and look to by some toads, swimbaits, and flipping baits.

My entry form is already in. So, hopefully I have an early blast off spot and you suckers won't catch Josh and I. Now if I can only get him to get that 3 blade prob so we can make sure we can't be caught...hint hint.