Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mystery Tackle Box Review for February 2013

Hey everyone! The coveted day that all Mystery Tackle Box subscribers wait for came YESTERDAY! I couldn't wait to tear into it! Unfortunately, I wasn't the first!

This go around, I did a video review. You can click the link here, or see it here:

This month featured the following baits:

Stanley Bull Ribbit
Backwater Tackle 7" Worm
Rage Tail Shell Cracker

And Flippin' the Bird

This kit looked like it was made for deep summer/early fall on Guntersville Lake! 2 fflipping/C-rig baits, and 2 frog baits. Kinda makes me wish it was that time....but then I would have to miss spring time, and I am having such a good time...

Anyway, the Ribbits are a fairly common bait to me. A terrific bait, really. It makes great surface noise and it doesn't get heat treated like many other soft plastic frogs, which makes it loose it's flappin' ability. Yet, those same legs are pulled off easily. But, you know, you can't complain if you are getting bites!

The Rage Tail Shell Crackers are a competitor to the Big Bite Baits Warmouth. I haven't tried either baits, but I have wanted to. I don't know if I will flip with it, but I will try it on the C-rig for sure. It comes smell impregnated with coffee scent. It's noticeable.

The Backwater Tackle is a 7" worm, which is goo because it fits a niche between the common 6" and 8" magnums. The head shape gives it a realistic feel. And BOY do they smell!

The Flippin' the Bird bait is a play on the common hollow belly frog, but with subtle differences. It doesn't have a traditional weight under the belly, it has hook slots to prevent hang ups, it has a lot more detail than some frog baits, plus a lot more silicon skirt.

Over all, a GREAT box, as usual!