Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fishing Report for Guntersville 5/25/13

It's hard to believe that my dad hadn't been able to fish out of the new boat. Me, on the other hand, have about driven myself broke logging hours on the Skeeter! I love that boat. Dad has been very busy between his turkey hunting and bee keeping. That's righ....bee keeping...'cause honey ain't cheap.

Anyway, we were able to nail down a date with Guntersville on the Saturday before Memorial Day. I have been tearing the fish up in the AllReds area but the size had plummeted and I decided it was time to check out some new spots. For a quick recap on my last 2 trips, check out these links with videos!

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Anyway, after looking at the weather, we decided that we wouldn't get out early. The weather called for low 40s in the morning and holding until 9am. Add on top of that a big 'ole full moon and I figured it would be useless and cold to go so early.

We got the the Seibold ramp, which was already fairly busy, launched the boat, and ran just about half a mile to one of our honey holes....that hadn't produced anything lately. But, we figured it was due.

After we dropped the trolling motor, we quickly found out that one of the batteries was dead. Awesome. Luckily, the other 2 were charged so I hooked the Minn Kota Maxxum to 24 volt and off we went.

We didn't have a bite there...or any of the other humps and holes we normally fish in Seibold. Add to the cold front and full moon a ton of boats all fishing the same spots and you have a tough day in the making.

But, there is a spot just up from water front that I NEVER see boats on and I ALWAYS catch fish on. Now, I admit that they aren't big ones....but small ones are better than nothing. One of the things I love about this spot is that there is a drain pipe on a rip rap wall where a fish ALWAYS sits. You cast in there and one will hit it. Now, the spot is usually done after you can pretty much pull the trolling motor up and head out.

So, I coasted in to the spot, picked up the old Lucky Craft Sammy, made a cast right at the pipe....twitched it...BOOM! A nice fish came clear out of the water and knocked the sammy about 3 feet in the air! It was one of those drop your head and sigh moments. Sigh.

But, the fish seemed hungry, so I cast right back in. Luck was with me and the fish destroyed the sammy. After a nice fight ensued, I boated me a post spawn 3.5 pounder. It was too bad that it took me an hour to get a bite!

Low and behold, as I looked up, two boats came in on top of me. That was a surprise, like i said, no one fishes this spot. One took up residence behind me and the other ahead of the point where I was now headed. After watching them catch two fish in front of me, I pulled up and we headed to another spot that has always been good to me in Mink Creek.

I decided that it was time for me to try something new. Something that I knew had never been done on this lake. I took a PowerTeam Lures 4.8 Inch Hammer Shad in Money, rigged it weightless, and twitched it as you would do a weightless fluke. Of course, it ISN'T a fluke and doesn't have the same action...which was the point.
Boy, it didn't take long to pay off! As I twitched it on top of the grass, just under the surface, a little buck bass slammed it....taking himself and the bait 2 feet in the air!

At 11:30, we headed in. We had a church picnic to attend and I didn't want to burn a kitchen pass on a tough day. Poor dad didn't have a bite! But, at least we were able to spend some time together and that's what matters!