Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lake Guntersville 5/10/13

This has been a very hard week. Why? Well, we absolutely slayed the fish on Friday....and I have been slammed all weekend AND this week with 8-5 training classes. Now, I DID manage to get a video of half of Friday. Since it's what all of you REALLY want, take a look.

Video for 5/10/13

We started off early working a combination of swimbaits and top water. A little here and a little there. Then it started raining on us. Jon caught a few nice fish in the 4 pound range on swimbaits while I caught a few dinks on a Sammy and one nice 3 pounder on a PowerTeam Lures Gator.

But, the bite was never consistent. So, Jon took us to a spot in Browns Creek where he had been catching fish up real shallow near cover. Within the first few casts I had one SLAM the Sammy up next to some wood. I fought the fish and fought and fought. The fish was big! Then, it looked at me, simply opened its mouth, and spit the 4 inch top water plug at me. It was never hooked! The bait was sideways in its mouth! talk about a PIG! I tossed back in and received a double consolation prize of a dink and a nice 3 pounder on back to casts.

We ran this stretch of bank, catching several fish. But, as the sun came up, the bite died.

We idled out to an open flat in a pocket, just to see what was out there. Suddenly, the bite was ON! The fish were KILLING the Sammy. Like, every cast! Fish after fish! Jon and I just had to switch the bait...sometimes not even that...sit back and hold on!

Was a great day! Check out the vid!