Friday, May 3, 2013

How NOT to Land Fish on Light Line

This post will probably make ALL of you say "DUH!" when you read it. But, hey, if it helps out even one of you...GREAT!

So, my struggles with power fishing over the last year has lead me to start finesse fishing a lot more. When you are used to boat swinging on nothing less that 20lb test line...or most likely 50lb test braid, light 6lb test, presents a steep learning curve.

So, the other day, I decided to take the boat out and fish the upper end of Wheeler. I was really excited because the lake has been at flood level and has been largely untouched by anyone for a week. Take a look at this picture of Ditto Landing!
You can't even put a boat in. However, I was betting that the really steep and high up army rec area ramp was still usable. I was right....BARELY.

So, I got the boat in. The wind was terrible and the current was incredible. So, I went downriver to the NASA docks where I could get out of both. I almost immediately started throwing a PowerTeam Lures 5" Sick Stick on a wacky rig on 6 pound line.
They were chomping on it pretty good. But, the same thing happened to me 3 times. I would hook in to a good fish (by upper Wheeler standards), fight it to the boat, and attempt to boat swing it...and....POP! The first one was a small fish (see the vid), so I just figured it was a nick. So, I retied. Next one was a solid 2.5 pounder. Same thing. I decided that I would reach down on the next one.

The next fish happened to be a NICE 4 pound fish. As I hit the deck to scoop the fish, I grabbed the line. Mistake. Busted it off.

Some variety of this happened several times. I was too stupid to learn. I had a net RIGHT THERE!

So, take it from me. Have your net hand. Never boat swing light line. And NEVER put your hand on the line. I know. I know. It's simple. Common knowledge. Well, it cost me some reall nice fish.