Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

I don't know about yall, but life has become a full out sprint. Even long weekends like this are over before I know it. Even when I try to make them even longer!

Take this Memorial Day weekend, for example.

I took Friday off in order to get a bunch of stuff done. First things first, though. It was pay day and I had a standing request from my beautiful wife to procure and plant another rose bush for the corner of the house.

So, I woke up Friday, tilled the garden, and headed to Lowes. It was pay day and I figured I could splurge a little. You know...instead of JUST a rose about a Calla Lilly too? And while I was at it...another blue berry bush! Oh, and I need Seven Dust for the garden. Might as well buy a 3 pack!

When I checked out, the total bill was $320.

I had planned to visit Academy and MAYBE buy another shotgun. But after that bill at Lowes, I decided to just buy some ammo to shoot on Memorial Day. Picked up some shot shells and a box of .38 Special, thinking that I could shoot both my .357 and the new .38.

I was able to get out of there for under $100...and I call that a win.

Back to the garden I went, where I FINALLY finished up the largest and most ambitious garden to date.

Well, that took up most of the day. I planted the new rose, Calla Lilly, and blue berry bush. The last thing on my list was to rehang a door on the shed that had fallen. No problem!

After looking at the damage, I figured I needed 1 piece of wood cut. After that, the door would be up, I would hit the shower and Alyse and I would head out on a much needed date! Whoot!

So, I find a piece of scrap wood. It was about 3 feet long and split for 2 feet. No big deal. I will lop off the split 2 feet. I chuck it up in the saw....turn on the down. BAM! Something pounded me in the face.

First thing I thought....I'm dead.

But then I thought..wait...if you think your aren't. So I stood up, took a deep breath, patted around on my body to see if i had anything sticking out of it...specifically my head, where something had slammed into me like a baseball bat. And there I found a very impressive knot. It had it's own pulse....but it wasn't

....wait. Oh. There it goes. It started gushing blood. I ran to the bathroom to survey the damage. Luckily, my glasses had diverted most of the blow, but had cut me above the eye. But it was pretty deep and as much as I HATE the hospital...I knew it was worthy.

So, I called Alyse and told her I needed to go to the hospital and I needed her to come get me.

And this is where I made several mistakes.

1) I didn't tell her why. I should have said "because I can't see".
2) I hung up the phone and wandered off...leaving the phone so that when she called back over and over, I never picked it up.
3) When she called the neighbor to come check on me, I didn't answer the door bell because I thought it was a Jehovah Whiteness.

Anyway, I finally got smart and answered both the phone and the door. As you can imagine, there were some worried soles.

Oh well. Off to the hospital. They asked several questions, the funniest one being "do you feel safe at home?" All whole looking at my wife as a suspect. She elbowed me and I decided not to be a funny guy and said "yes." In to the room I went.  It was quick and painless. Here is the results!
So, we didn't get to go on a date....not really. We did stop for some hot wings. So, it wasn't a total loss. Except all the weird stares and the snickering from my wife who was telling everyone that I "fell down some stairs".
Saturday, dad and I fished Guntersville. Here is the report:
Guntersville 5/25

It was say the least!

But, we only fished a few hours and we were headed home for our Church picnic! We had a great time eating good BBQ and watching the Church talent perform everything from magic to comedy to today's hits! They had a ton of kids games and it flat wore my children out! Check it out!

Sunday was another great Sunday School Class and lesson....even if the funny looks at my swollen eye kept on....

And then it was Memorial Day! Alyse and several of her fitness friends were running the Cotton Row 5K. Since I don't really care for running, I "volunteered" to watch the kids. In the shade. Sitting in a nice chair. Alyse did FANTASTIC and finished with a personal best of 34 minutes! She had her own crew from her Advocare group run with her. If you are interested in losing serious weight and getting motivated, check out her facebook page Alyse Taylor, Advocare Believer!

Aubree ran the Fun Run and did awesome! Here she is with her buddy Jordan!

Check out the vid!
And then it was rib time featuring Best5Zach's EOTWAWKI Sauce. After we had properly stuffed ourselves, we went to shoot some guns! 'Murika! The kids swam in the mean time!

Except that box of .38 Special I picked up at Academy turned out to be .38 Super......


Great weekend anyway!