Friday, August 7, 2015

Best5Zach's First Draft of College Fantasy Football

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I decided to participate in a free 10 man league. The draft just started.

I am pick #9 and we have a snake draft, so I will be pick #2 in the 2nd round. I noticed right before the draft that the scoring system is 4 points for a passing TD and 6 for a rushing, putting a major benefit on rushing QBs.  As expected, Boykin is the first off the board with the first pick. I immediately think about drafting Doctson early, as I can handcuff the opponent with Boykin.

Lots of autodrafts follow, which I laugh about. Prescott, Clement, Fournette and Adams (transfer to Oregon) are already gone.

Doughty picked #6....interesting. Not saying I wouldn't have done it, but at least one other person isn't autodrafting.

James Connor drafted. I had moved him down. That's a really high position. When I applied my quality factors, it moved him down substantially.

Using Quality Factors in Your Pre-Draft Statistical Analysis

Devon Johnson next. He was high on average draft position. Ugh. Someone will get a stud. Unfortunately, he won't be listed as a tight end this year. And, he doesn't have a great passing game around him. He could struggle.

I get Keenan Reynolds, the running QB for Navy. This is exactly who I wanted. I have a guy that I know is going to run the ball a lot. He had 10 more rushing TDs than any returning QB.

I back that up with Marquis Wilson from UNC who had 13 rushing touchdowns of his own. This is purely a market value guy that I plan to sell. He has a ton of value for throwing the ball, too.

I will have to make a decision now, based upon how everyone else drafts. Do I want bag a throwing QB with a top reciever or go after running backs?

Samaje Perine and Ezekiel Elliot come off the board followed by Texas Tech QB hopeful Mahomes.

Someone takes Taysome Hill. I almost took him in the 2nd round.

Derrick Henry comes off.

Deshaun Watson drafted and we start the 3rd round.

Jarvion Franklin drafted. Dangit. I was hoping to get him this round. It's clear that RBs are going to come off the board early.

Coleman is the first WR off the board. (Cannon went soon afterwards)

McGuire and Booker are two solid backs that are taken. I am really going to struggle if the 5 picks in front of me go to RBs.

Keevan Lucas WR from Tulsa? Interesting. I am wondering if this guy is going to try and steal Dane Evans late. (Evans did end up going very late)

I get Dixon from La Tech. He was a guy that I brought up based upon the quality factor matrix I had put together. He is fantastic catching the ball out of the backfield.

I went ahead and took DJ Foster, the WR who moved from RB with Arizona State. He could be a game breaker as he will take handoffs. I will have to snag a RB next round.

Pharoah Cooper finally gets picked up as does Boyd from Pitt. Cox from Appalachian State is a highly rated guy that I had questions about, but he gets picked anyway.

Duke Willams and Higgins, the two best NFL type receivers, finally get picked up. Here comes another round of WRs.

Next, I make a very risky pick and take UAB transfer to Indiana Howard. Again, a risky play. But, Coleman was a top rusher last year and he is in the NFL now. The line, coach, and system are still in place. Howard was solid at UAB. He is a big dude.

I back that up with another fairly risky play and take Michael Thomas, WR from Ohio State. The way I figure it, whoever plays QB can't throw to Devon Smith anymore. So, I snap him up.

Now is when it gets tough. Everyone is digging. Do you take the next man up at the big point positions or do you start taking the best at kicker/DST/TE?

It would appear the later as several of each come off the board. I am waiting for Duke's TE Deaver, who missed all of last year but was a stud the year before. Two straight DSTs come off the board. Michigan State and TCU. I have a long way to go before I am back up.

Although I had moved him down the boards a good bit, I couldn't pass Matt Breida up when the time came. If he had any of last year's line coming back, I would have taken him a lot sooner. But, he was still there and I do believe in him. Plus, Deaver isn't even rated, so no risk of autodraft.

I had to take another WR and Mike Williams from Clemson was still available. With Watson's ability, I think he is going to get a heavy work load.

Amazingly, there are some real quality QBs still on the board.

At the last second, I couldn't pull the trigger on Deaver because I think i can get him really late. Instead, I took Jovon Robinson from Auburn...couldn't help it. He was just sitting there. While he hasn't been named the starter, most of us believe he will be.

The Battle in Auburn's Backfield: Who is the Real Winner

And, I took Sharp, the WR from Utah State that has done me a solid in the last few years.

Time limit was shifted to 1 minute and I couldn't fit Gordon Micheal from Ark State in time. So, I had to go ahead and take Deaver. I am glad to have Deaver but I want either Lasco or Gordon. I moved some things around so I can fit them next round.

I went ahead and took Jeremy Johnson in the 12th round. Why he is still there, I don't know. But, I had to take him. I may try and trade off someone to get Duke. I understand that the scoring system is wack and benefits running QBs, specifically TDs. But, he will get his.

I have to take a DST and a Kicker, so I go ahead and take Utah State. Not only are they always one of the best defenses, but they have Natson, an explosive returner.

Daniel Carlson (Auburn) is on the board. I take him.

Now, I have two more spots. I cannot have any more QBs or RBs.

I have to choose between Wilson (Miss St) or Reynolds (TAMU) as I think they are the two best guys on the board. Wilson has his ups and downs, but Reynolds has been a behavioral issue. So, Wilson it is.

I am forced to choose between another TE or DST. As TEs don't add value to a team, I decide on Temple's DST.

After free agency, I moved Thomas (Ohio State) to injured reserve, as he shows up as injured. This alowed me to add another player via free agency. So, I picked up Ryan Switzer from UNC. Though he hasn't been a stat monster, he is a great slot receiver who gets a lot of work. Additionally, he will pair up with Marquis Wilson to give me the teammate double up.

Best5Zach's Best Fantasy College Football Tips: Top 2015 Teammate Double Ups

Here is my current lineup.

Reynolds, Keenan (Sr) QB - NavyAct
Williams, Marquise (Sr) QB - UNC Act
Dixon, Kenneth (Sr) RB - LaTecAct
Howard, Jordan (Jr) RB - Ind Act
Foster, D.J. (Sr) WR - AzStAct
Switzer, Ryan - WR - UNCAct
Williams, Mike (Jr) WR - ClemAct
Wilson, De'Runnya (Jr) WR - MisStAct
Deaver, Braxton (Sr) TE - DukeAct
Carlson, Daniel (So) K - AubAct
Utah State D/STAct
Johnson, Jeremy (Jr) QB - Aub Res
Breida, Matt (Jr) RB - GaSoRes
Robinson, Jovon (Jr) RB - AubRes
Sharp, Hunter (Sr) WR - UtStRes
Temple D/STRes
Thomas, Michael (Jr) WR - OHSt