Thursday, August 27, 2015

College Football Fantasy Sleepers 8/27/15 Edition

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In case you missed it, our last edition covered several mid-round sleepers. Go read about it here.

After participating in 5 different drafts, with more to come, it becomes evident that everyone is completely at a loss after about 8-10 rounds. Wake up, folks. We're half way there (Livin' on a prayer).

I am amazed at the little value that everyone seems to get in these later rounds and just how much dirt I can pile up on everyone. Now, I understand that this is because of two reasons. 1) People don't know who to draft because players 200-Infinity all have relatively similar stats. 2)People get bored and quit drafting, letting their auto draft select three DSTs and two kickers before going alphabetically for every other player in college football.

With a little work, you can stockpile potential (key word) game breakers or potential trade bait. It's very simple, really. Most people select their draft picks based upon previous year's stats OR because of the hear-say value. But, what about those players that are next in line for a starting role which may not be oversold? In my estimation, it takes at least four RBs that score at least 15 points a game to win a league. Obviously your RB1 and RB2 are going to be 20+ point guys. But, you win leagues with two other guys (or more) that you can realistically expect 15+ each week. You may think you are grasping at straws in rounds 10+, but it's really easy to know the winners. 

Let's look at some.

Charles Jones RB Kansas State-The 'Cats lose a ton of senior. This program may not be a top offense in the country, but they are rock stead. Face it, you already have two solid RBs and a decent flex option. Am I positive this guy is going to pan out to produce 20 points? Of course not. But I know he is the penciled in starting RB on a team that lost nearly 100% of its offensive production. As a sophomore, he averaged 11.5 points per game as a second stringer on a team with a running QB. He has never rushed for over 100 yards in a game but he scored 14 TDs in 2014. The man simply has a nose for the endzone. He is drafted 88% of the time, right at pick 100. 

Wayne Gallman RB Clemson- Another penciled in starter. Yes, he will be on a throw first team with a dynamic QB. That's why he will be so vital down the stretch. This is a guy to stash. He only had 4 TDs in 2014. But, it wasn't until November when he saw his first 20+ touch game. From then on, he touched the ball at least 15 times in all but one game. Expect that to chage. He also adds significant value in PPR leagues with 24 catches and another TD. Though he is being drafted around 167th, he IS being drafted 100% of the time. So, he isn't flying under EVERYONE's radar. Make sure he doesn't fly under yours. 

Devin Chafin RB Baylor- Shock Linwood may be the flash back who gets all the love, but the 6-0 225 Chafin is worth stashing, especially as a Linwood handcuff. In the 9 games he played in 2014, he scored 8 TDs. Spread offenses struggle in the red zone. Additionally, he is a terrific pick in games where Baylor overmatches their opponent, specifically weeks two and four.  He is drafted 73% of the time at the 216 spot. 

Darrell Williams RB LSU-No other team in America has managed to spread carries around quite like LSU, while still providing viable fantasy options. Over the last 3-4 years, two or three different players have been decent options. Still without a decent QB, the Tigers will pound the rock. But, Fournette won't and can't take 30 touches every day. Just look at the week 1 matchup. Expect Williams to carry a heavy workload. Even if Purple Jesus does get 20+ carries a game, Williams is gold simply as a handcuff.