Tuesday, August 25, 2015

College Football Fantasy Sleepers: 8/24/2015 Edition

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We had the first 10 rounds of our draft this past Saturday. It's actually not over yet, as we have 22 teams. As I watched the last few rounds, I was simply amazed at the number of players safely coasting under the radar. I guess I should hope that none of my own peeps read this before I get a chance to draft. Truth be told, I am doing well with who I have, but there is some real league-winning value out there and I thought I might talk about them.

Max Wittek QB Hawaii- The former five-star and top qb in 2011 left USC after being stuck behind Kessler, who is probably going to turn in the single best season in USC history. I sure hope so, since I drafted him in the first round. At USC, Wittek scored a total of 26 fantasy points. I would expect him to cover that in his first outing with the Warriors. He was named the starter over Liufau back in early June. He has two options at reciver, each having fantasy value in and of themselves, in Marcus Kemp and Quinton Pedroza. Fantrax says Kemp averaged 12 points per outing and Pedroza averages 9. Neither of those are going to win you any league titles in and of themselves, but paired with Wittek could turn into a good combo, as we have discussed in previous posts.

Hawaii plays an extremely difficult schedule, but that bodes well for fantasy owners. He will be throwing 50-60 times a game. Don't expect a lot of TDs, but do expect a ton of yards. Wittek is being averaged in 75% of leagues, but is drafted so low that his average draft percentage doesn't show up at all. 

Jeff Driskel QB La Tech-After having an up and down tenure at Florida that ended with a broken leg, Driskel escaped the Swamp and headed to La Tech. This will be a fantastic fit for him and his ability. While his arm has been questioned, he has more than enough arm. Though the Bulldogs struggled last year, Sokol, a QB with far less talent than Driskel, was still a viable option at times. Driskel benefits from having a top points producer at RB in Dixon and two different fantasy receivers. Henderson and Taylor combined for 250 points last season. Again, not world-shattering numbers, but two guys who can fill a WR2 or flex position with Driskel. Driskel has averaged 22 points a game in his time with the Gators, which really isn't too bad considering how dreadful they were. Recall that this was less a reflection on him but on his offensive line, which has been among the very worst in college football. He is getting drafted at 220, which is essentially everyone's 3rd QB spot in a 20-man league. You may be able to get him in free agency, but I wouldn't skip on him late. This is a guy that you can start down the stretch or in bye weeks while hocking that No. 2 QB you drafted in the fourth round for much better talent. Sure, it may cost you 5 points one week, but think of what you can do with selling that other QB high. 

Braxton Deaver TE Duke- Out of sight, out of mind? Deaver missed all of 2014, but was given an extra year of eligibility. In 2013, he scored points in every single matchup, recording at least two catches in every game and 4 TDs. Is he an Evan Engram or a Junno Smith? No. But, he isn't going to cost you a Fifth round draft pick, either. Everyone will bypass him because they are drafting with last year's point totals. With Boone and Crowder gone, Deaver remains the only veteran playmaker under an offensive genius. The 6-5 245 Deaver is an absolute steal. While everyone is drafting kickers in round 10, you can quietly snap up this guy. He is only 38% drafted and averages beyond pick 253 when he is drafted. 

Kody Walker RB Arkansas- The needle hasn't really blipped on this guy, despite having Willams out for the entire season. Even if only for handcuffing Collins, who will become the Hogs feature back, Walker will looks to have 1,000 rushing yards if history can be trusted...and it can. Go watch Walker's spring game performance and try not to smile. While Collins became an instant second round pick and one of the very first backs off the board. Walker was granted another year of eligibility and he must be thanking the football gods about his opportunity. Don't miss the train on this guy. Though he may not be a top 25 fantasy RB, who cares? You can have a guy that hasn't been drafted in any leagues that will end up scoring you over 20 points a game. You cannot beat that. 

Ryan Switzer WR UNC- Last month, I created a grading system in Excel that would rank players, not by points produced, but by quality factors like the offensive system, returning quarterback, and competition for targets.

Switzer came out as one of the very top guys, despite averaging under 10 points per game in 2014. But, one of my rules is always to expect sophomore slumps. In this case, Switzer's catches went up in 2014, but he had no punt return TDs, which limited his value. As a freshman, he had FIVE. Switzer led the Tar Heels in catches in 2014 and looks to further that. If you already own Marquis Williams, then he is a must have. The ability to score 60-80 points in two players every single game is almost a reality. Luckily, he drafted only 41% and checks in under the 200 mark. He is an an incredible steal after the seventh round. 

Keon Hatcher WR Arkansas- Few WRs made the most of their limited targets as Hatcher. Despite having only 43 receptions, he averaged a career-best 13 yards per catch and a TD every seven catches. He averaged right at 43 points per game in 2014 while scoring points every week of the season. Granted, he had slumps, but he went for over 10 points in five different contests. Not great, but neither was his offensive system. Here's the deal: pounding the rock will keep you in every game, and the Hogs will no doubt be a national contender in rushing the ball. But, to win, you have to throw at some point. Allen has progressed to the point where he can take 17-20 pass attempts and connect on 11-15 of those, especially play action passes. If he does that, the Hogs will win a lot of games in 2015. More importantly, the strong run game in combination of Allen's ability to connect on play action pass will benefit Hatcher's owners mightily. Though Hunter Henry will vulture a lot of redzone action, it is of no consequence to owners who will really benefit from those 3rd and short play action passes from the Hog 40 yard line which will turn into 60-yard and a TD 13-point plays.  Realistically, owners should expect 55-60 catches for 700 yards and 10 TDs. That puts him on par with the 50th ranked WR on the list, but instead of costing you a 8th round pick, he won't cost you anything. He is currently drafted 38% of the time without an ADP.