Monday, April 23, 2012

All new swimbaits!

Man, was I busy this weekend. Yep. Ball games on Friday and Saturday. Piano Recitals. Church. And yet, I still managed to make around 200 baits! And I am SO excited about the new swimbaits. Not only do I have new colors, I also have an all new 100% custom plastic formulation that combines the toughness of my old baits and the flexibility and softness you won't find anywhere else.

How did I do this? I combined the typical #502 plastic with a predetermined amount of #536. Then I added a specific amount of plastic softener. Man. Are these baits soft!

Sure, I made plenty of my usual colors (baby carp and silver minnow) but....I went above and beyond.

Here is my new Chartreuse bait I officially unveil the hottest bait I have made. I have been dreaming of making this bait for 6 months and could not figure out how to do it. And, no, the iPhone pictures do NOT do this bait justice. I do not know what to call this bait I think I will hold a contest!