Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Equipment Review for Bass Pro Extreme Combo Caddy

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We were visiting Nashville this past weekend for the annual Lads to Leaders Convention (Church convention that features Bible based competitions). We have been coaching the senior puppet team for the last few years (we won 2nd this year!). Anyway, made a stop at Bass Pro and they had these dandies on sale:

Because I fish out of other people's boats frequently, I have a hard time transporting my tackle...specifically my rods. I usually take between 4-6 as a back boater...which I feel limits me. Even with this "small" amount, there are hooks everywhere. They get tangled up in each other and it is down right dangerous to the rods. I have broken many rods in transportation. Well, this thing looked like it would be awesome. It holds 8 combos. So, I bought it.
My initial questions were:
can it REALLY fit 8 bait cast combos?
will it keep the hooks from going everywhere?
The answer is yes. It does a fantastic job of wrangling 8 bait cast combos.

My only complaint is that they say it will fit up to 7'2'' rods. it's more like 7'0''. And I have 2-3 rods that are 7'3''-7'6''. Why not make it a little larger to fit them all?

Anyway, solid piece of equipment. If you tote your rods around, this is a MUST HAVE!