Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Custom Poured Swimbaits Update

I have some good news and some bad news....but the bad news is kinda good news.

Most of you have seen my swimbaits:

I usually pour swimbaits 1-2 times a year. Once you get everything setup, it just makes life easier. Well, back in January, I poured over 300 swimbaits. I gave a few away. I used maybe 5 of them (they are hardy baits). The rest, I sold. I got an email yesterday from a gentlemen from Columbus GA asking about buying some swimbaits. Well, I knew I was low. In fact, I knew I was down to my own personal stash....usually those that weren't judged as "perfect". But, I told him I wold look. Turns out, I had less than 20! He was happy to buy what I had. Well, I just shipped off the LAST of my baits.....in April! What a terrific feeling! Guess I will be ordering more plastic today.

If you have a need for swimbaits, let me know! Email me at :