Friday, April 20, 2012

A quick afternoon family trip

As with most afternoons, our's was packed with lot's of things to do. In fact, although the afternoon was heavy on things to do...this weekend was even busier. So, I came home around 4 and went directly to cutting the grass. Did a little gardening. Then, picked the kids off and rushed Aubs to her piano practice (she has a recital this weekend. Got that done, then ran home to do a little hitting and fielding practice with Aubs. Ate a quick dinner, did some homework and soon we found ourselves with a beautiful afternoon free. So, packed up the kids and pregosaurus rex and headed...where else...but the Publix pond. Naturally, some one was on the spot I wanted to fish. But that's ok. It's a free lake. Now I just had to convince the 9 month preggo to walk half a mile. She did...even if she complained a lot! By the time we got to the spot, it had been vacated..some good fortune for us! Unfortunately, the fish weren't exactly tearing it up. But luckily, the local ducks provided some entertainment. See, they are used to having kids feed them. And, although my kids didn't have any food to give...they wouldn't take no for an answer! I had to teach Aubree to beat them with the fishing rod. Although we only fished for about an hour, I finally figured out what the fish wanted. They wanted me to let the boat soak. I was throwing the Spot Remover Pro series shaky head topped with a Yum trick worm:
I caught several small fish...but I couldn't find the sizeable ones. Not that I really expected to. I mean, that's a big lake to catch the handful of bigger bass that have been put in there by myself and who knows who else. Alyse was itching to go home and the kids were getting tired. So, I said..."Last cast" Well, you can imagine what happened. I drug the work over some chunk rock and let it soak...and a fish picked it up. I swing and missed. Reeled it in and recast. This time, it knocked slack in the line. I swung on it and it broke off. I inspected the line and it was frayed. Whatever fish were there were sitting on some old tornado junk. Probably pieces of Piggly Wiggly. I retied. "One more cast!" I tossed it out...let it sit. Nothing. Shook it. Let it sit. And something picked it up and dropped it. Then picked it up again. I let it have it. It pulled back. I knew it was one of the "big" fish.