Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun family fishing 4/27

Yesterday, if you didn't know it, was "Take your kid to work day." I didn't think Griffin would much care for it, so I took Aubree. She experienced life as a NASA engineer: Coffee, Dog and Pony Show, meetings, meaningless trade studies, and CHICKEN WRAP THURSDAY! Of course, we couldn't help from checking out some heritage hardware!
Yep. That's a Real J-2!

Mom and dad had asked us to eat dinner with them, so, I couldn't resist wetting a line on the way over. Naturally my "Go to" spot was COVERED up. Aubree, Griffin, and I decided to try the other side of the lake. We braved the chest tall weeds. The kids were quite the troopers. The fish were biting pretty well, although I couldn't take much credit for caching them. The wind was in our face, so I couldn't feel the bites. I would take up slack and they would be on there. I caught several decent little fish, but that wasn't the highlight....not nearly!
I was minding my own and a fish came FLYING at me. Apparently, Aubree has inherited Josh's hook set. She reeled down and jerked this poor dude clear out of the water. THEN, she popped the hook out and tossed him back! What a girl!