Thursday, April 4, 2013

Alabama Mountain Lakes Media Day #3 on Wheeler Lake

Day 2 of Alabama Mountain Lakes was in the books. If you need a recap, check here for an Overview.

If I was tired on Wednesday night...I was DEAD Thursday night. I was so tired that everyone was informing me of how tired I was. It's true. Early up and late do bed. But, I had a job to do. I had to do my part in writing my story. But, I got some good sleep at Doublehead Resort.

In case you missed it, here is the full recap from the trip so far:
Alabama Mountain Lakes Media Event Day 1
Alabama Mountain Lakes Media Event Day 2

Wilson had been tough that day. Even by my standards. Despite that, every guide managed to boat a solid bag and make some great pictures, the numbers just weren't there. Even the high school kids from Hayden had a limit. Me...not so much...

But, Wheeler was up next. Even though I had very little luck and hope for catching a lot of fish in the Decatur area, somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought it would be poetic justice if Wheeler was on FIRE.

We arrived at Ingall's early and I jumped in the boat with BassWhacker Guide Service Jonathan Henry. We hit it off almost immediately and I knew that, even if it was tough, it would be fun. Jonathan is very personable. We have a good bit in common. But, he also proved that he can fish....which I don't do so well. HAHA!

See, he does most all his work on Guntersville. But, even so, he boated a great limit for the Decatur area. After he left us, we caught two fish over 10 pounds on Guntersville in 2 days. WOW!

 I even caught up with the Hayden boys, who managed to catch some fish!

When we could tell it was going to be a tough day, we thought of other things we could do with our time. Doing a short tutorial about using the spinnerbait was his idea. We put together this video. It came out great!

After we fished for a couple of hours, we headed to Big Bob Gibson's BBQ. The LEGENDARY BBQ joint. Ribs for me, please!

What a week. I am very blessed. Had a great time. Made a lot of terrific contacts. Again, if you are from Alabama, you already know what the lakes have to offer. You may not know who to contact for the other stuff such as accommodations and food. So, check out Kay Alabama Mountain Lakes and Alabama Bass Trail . That's where I will start from now on!