Monday, April 15, 2013

Mystery Tackle Box Review for April 2013

I was about falling down tired when we got in from softball practice Saturday. In fact, so tired that I made Aubree go get the mail. She came RUNNING back in the house with the April edition of Mystery Tackle Box. Recall that Aubree hosted last months edition of the Box to rave review. I have something to admit too...

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See, I was thinking about stopping my subscription. Yes. It's true. Nothing against MTB in the slightest. Just that money is tough. Time to spend on the reviews are tough. I haven't been getting the hits on the blog for these reviews I would like. I mean, I am spending 2-3 HOURS on these reviews and getting maybe a 100 hits. The biggest kicker is just the time. I have so many irons in the fire it's unreal. And not just me...but the whole family. Plus, I have a WHOLE WALL in my garage devoted to tackle and baits. It ain't like I need more.

But, Aubree kept asking me. She was so excited about doing it again. There were a TON of my Twitter followers and comments on my YouTube channel saying how awesome she was. I got to know, $15 a month is nothing to share in a hobby with my 8 year old daughter. So, I kept it open.

Anyways, this month features baits by Backwater, Strike King, Rage Tail, Mustad Hooks, and Kopper's Live Target. Check out the vid! Show her the love!

Specifically, we check out:
Backwater Reef Stik, $3.97 and comes in 19 colors.

Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Game Hog, $4.89

Rage Tail Recon Worm. $4.99