Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Alabama Mountain Lakes Media Day #2.....Wilson Lake

Day 1 of Alabama Mountain Lakes was in the books. If you need a recap, check here for an Overview.

Man. I slept good that Wednesday night at Doublehead Resort. Probably had something to do with chunking a half ounce head and a PowerTeam Lures Swinging Hammer swimbait a mile and crawling it back over and over. Or maybe it had to do something with hoisting those monster smallies with Pro Guide Jimmy Mason and  North Alabama Guide Service.. Or maybe it was the food that Kay Donaldson from Alabama Mountain Lakes and Alabama Bass Trail showed us at the River Bottom Grille for lunch or Stanfields that night. Either way, I was out before the light was that night.

In case you missed it, here is the full recap from the day: Alabama Mountain Lakes Media Event Day 1

Wilson is one of my favorite lakes. It's gorgeous. It offers much more than great fishing. It is a terrific boaters lake. But, as far as fishing, it has a lot les pressure than any of the other TVA lakes. I have put up some great bags on this lake.

Labor Day at Doublehead
MFC on Wilson 2012
MFC on WIlson 2011

While we could have used the nice ramp and docks there at Doublehead, we decided to ride up the road and put in just below the dam. I was fishing with Pro Guide Currey Holley from Always Gone Fishing.

We introduced ourselves and established the game plan. Like the day before, we would fish the tailraces. But, like yesterday, but worse...the skies were HIIIGGGHHH. We expected a tough day. No matter. You won't know until you try, right?

So, we ran up to the dam and started chunking swimbaits. Again, I was throwing the PowerTeam Lures Swinging Hammer. Almost immediately, something smashed my bait...but I knew what it was right off. Yep. Momma drum.

We didn't get on a solid bite at the dam, so Currey put down the swimbait and went to work with a jig around submerged rock piles. He showed me some really interesting technique. I am very much a jig dragger. He is a jig jumper. And before I could really gauge an opinion, he swung back on a good fish.

Nice fish! Not too long afterwards, my question about what the big circular concrete thing next to the dam was....when it started. See, when they pump water out of the lock, it comes out here. Scary! Yet...strangely cool.
SO, I picked up the old jig with the PTL 3.5 Texas Rig Jig backer...started pitching it around...and one THUMPED it. And when I set the hook, he pulled back. Yep. Another drum. I guess it is going to be that kind of day.

Despite the fishes unwillingness to cooperate, Currey tried new things. He was determined to find those fish. He figured it out right before lunch by skipping under docks with his jig. He managed to grind out a limit despite the inactivity. I would have given up long ago...or maybe not. I would at least be very frustrated. But he was calm. He did what a great guide would do. If they aren't doing what you thought they would...find out how to do something else. Along the way we shared some laughs and stories. He is a very personable guy. By the end of the day, he had racked up a SOLID limit of fish!

We are hoping to hit Wilson on a better day real soon.

We went back to Doublehead for lunch. The lodge fixed us sandwiches. BLT and Ham. Double pork goodness! It was YYYYUUUMMMMYYYY.

I was supposed to fish with the Hayden High School Bass team. I admit, I didn't know what to think about fishing with them. I guess I envisioned snags and backlashes. Certainly not watching them wear me out!

Boy, was I in for a treat. These guys are a laugh circus. I just wanted to sit down and watch and listen to them. They have FUN. And they catch fish. Tough day? No problem. We will throw the old Senko around. Something will bite it. And they did.

Check out the video. I admit, I didn't have the cameras ready soon enough and because of that, I didn't get many videos. But I got some...I figured I would make them hungry for more, so they would take me out again!  

Perhaps the highlight was fishing out of a BRAND NEW Phoenix. Wow. What a boat. Makes me want one...if only I could do without the payment.  We also shared a laugher was watching this black lab try to board our boat! I guess he wanted a ride in the new boat. I would!

Anyway, we caught fish...well, they did. I did catch a dink on a PTL sick stick....

Another highlight, though, was dinner. We had a low country boil! Again. Yum. This was provided by Lash's Fish and Seafood and we ate it at the Doublehead resort. I can't speak highly enough of Doublehead. If you haven't stayed there, book it.