Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Project Update: A Better Best5Zach

One of my New Years Resolutions, like everyone else on the planet, was to get in to better shape. Now, I am a "go big or go home" kind of guy. So, I wanted to see drastic improvements. I don't put much stock in numbers, either. I want the whole package...the number, the look, and the feeling.

I've been "working out" for a few years, but I didn't concentrate on cardio. I was mainly hitting the weights. I was getting stronger, but my stamina wasn't improving, nor were the numbers on the scale or how I felt.

I made it a goal to become a better all around package. I blogged about it here, calling it Project: Better Best5Zach.

So, on January 8th, I was 177 pounds and 26.1% body fat.

I decided that I would concentrate solely on cardio, and I would make a serious effort to hit the gym at least 3 times a week. I love to eat too much to diet. But, I figured I would try portion controlling and see what happens.

Well, it's been 4 months. Where do we stand? Well, because I haven't dieted, that depends on when you ask me. If you ask me on a Friday, it's terrific. If you ask me on a Monday, it's terrible. Why? Well, no cardio on the weekend and I eat and eat. In fact, this past Friday, I was 19.9% body fat and down to 159 pounds. Whoot!  My Monday, I was up to 21% and 163. Sad face.

Weight fluctuations aside, I am happy with where I am. 17 pounds and 6% deltas are no small thing. Softball season is ramping up, as is soccer here at NASA. I haven't had any problems with either, which is a big change. But, I'm still not as fast as I want to be, so I still have to loose some weight.

My wife has had terrific success with her Advocare Program. So much so, that people are knocking the door down to have her help them because of the very real results she has seen.e

I fought it and fought it. Diets are for women or men who can't control themselves. Well, maybe I fit that category. So, I broke down and had Alyse order me the stuff to get started.

Today is the first day to try it. Battle #1? No coffee. That's right. I am using the Advocare Spark instead. Advocare provides a step by step pamphlet to tell you what to take and when.

What's the plan? Their 24 Day Challenge that is centered around a cleanse program. I plan on getting to 150. I don't know what body fat to expect, so let's see what happens. After I get to 150, I am going to use their muscle building program to lean up and get strong.

I encourage you, if you struggle like me, to check her out on her Advocare PageFaceBook page or Instagram Page for what real results look like.