Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Best SEC Games of Week 7

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And that's what get for believing in Bama and Tennessee. Week 6 was pretty brutal on me, as the Tide dropped a deuce and Tennessee choked. That left me with an overall 10-7 record. I at least called the Auburn thumping of LSU and State beating TAMU. If you want a refresher, go check out Last Weeks Post.
I guess I can say that I expected Bama to win by a very small margin. And, they were about 2 inches short of that. But, that's Bama's MO...right? Nah. I don't believe that and neither should you. They were given a TD on the quasi-fumble turned scoop-and-score. If it hadn't been for that, Ole Miss might have strolled away.
Florida had to dig deep in the well, and it looked for 6 hours like they might have a QB...right up until he was booted from the team later that night.
Mississippi State proved to the world that TAMU is always a turnover from disaster. I said it last week...if you can get them behind a score and get constant pressure on the QB, they will fold. And that's exactly what they did as Kenny Hill tossed 3 INTs at a LINEBACKER. Is State a #3 team? Well, we won't have to wait long.
Auburn thumped LSU, which we thoroughly covered in our LSU Review.
What's on the dockett for Saturday?
Ole Miss at Texas A&M
Well, their fellow state team gave the recipe for beating the Aggies. Get a good pass rush, shut down the sideline throws, and force Hill to throw across the middle. The thing is, Ole Miss has a better pass rush than State and is absolutely sick when the ball is thrown at them. Guess what TAMU will do? Throw the ball. You can't dismiss TAMU completely, as there has to be an inevitable bit of revenge lurking. But, this isn't a rivalry game and I don't expect the emotions to last more than the first quarter. I expect them to last until when Hill puts one on the dirt from a N'Kimdiche sack or he tosses one into the hands of those so called "land sharks."
On the flip side, Good Bo showed up Saturday in Oxford. He has been much better at home than on the road and has flip-flopped pretty consistently from Good Bo to Bad Bo. Can he make it 3 weeks in a row? Against the 12th man? Probably not. The good news is, his little used running back, Walton, is beginning to emerge. What a time to come of age than against the SEC Wests worst defensive unit...especially against the run. Bo won't have to win the game. But he needs to not loose it.
Ole Miss
Florida vs LSU
Wow. Hard to believe that less than 6 years ago, this would have been the REAL National Championship game. Now, it's PLEASE DON'T GET BEAT TOO BAD OR I'M OUT OF A JOB game for wo different coaches. I know that sounds like it's a little sensationalism, but let Les Miles get blown out by a TERRIBLE Florida team and see what happens. I don't think a loss will mean Muschamps job, but if he gets blown out at home....well....

LSU is better than they appeared last week against Auburn. They were completely unprepared for the Tiger offense. They have already punted on this season and have decided to prepare their very talented underclassman for the future. I can't say they blame them. They have been an NFL pipeline for several years. They haven't been able to keep ANYONE on the field before bolting for the greener pastures of the NFL. I expect them to grow tremendously as the year goes on. Les Miles has been unable to produce the last few years and most fans aren't patient enough to take the mounting losses. Especially bad ones.  They may not be able to win the west with Jennings and Hilliard, but they could sure make a game of it. Instead, the elite prospects are straight out of high school and playing.

I simply don't see how Florida can stay in this game. Driskel gets pulled for....whoever that kid was....only to see him win the game, be named the savior,  and then get booted. Maybe that will give him some motivation. Florida has two very good backs that could keep them in the game. But, they won't.

Georgia at Missouri
Who knows who will show up for this game? The SEC East is a complete and utter mess. Missouri has faced 1 ranked team, and lost. They haven't stopped anyone on defense YET. They are mid pack in defense and offense. That isn't the stats you expect for an SEC East contender. Especially when you consider the competition has been South Dakota State, Toledo, UCF and Indiana. On the other hand, UGA has had a pretty tough road to ride so far. But, they have the best player in the country who can score at any moment via kickoffs, handoffs, or taking passes to the house. You have to think that a Pruitt lead defense will come up with a few stops against Mauk and Co, if not completely shut them down. Fact is, this offense has a few weapons, but is the worst that Missouri has fielded since entering the league. Bud Sasser is a a true threat, but he is probably the only one the Tigers have. UGA has lost a plethora of defensive backs in the last year, so the Mauk/Sasser might be the only thing between a respectable loss and a blowout. And I don't think Missouri can stop Gurley. No one else has.

SEC Game of the Week
What other game would you choose? How many times will you see an SEC West showdown of unbeaten #2 and #3? Though we covered this game already in the MSU Preview, let's just cover a few things. One coach has 1 significant win under his belt against a good team. One coach has only 2 losses against Top 10 teams. One offense has shown nearly every card it has (and has looked phenomenal against mediocre SEC West defenses). One has shown it's cards for exactly 1 half. Both have pretty dang good defenses.

Just to get my stats up....
Alabama plays the revenge game as well as anyone. Arkansas' strength on offensive plays into Bamas strength on defense. On the flip side, the Hawgs are porous.