Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Best5Zach's Fantasy College Football Week 8

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Up to a fine record of 17-4. I had a loss in my SEC Only league since Auburn dropped the ball (actually, threw the ball away). But, that's a free league, so I will sleep A-OK tonight. 

QB: Carden is on the bye, though he struggled mightily against a decent South Florida team. It isn't the first time that a fantasy player has been stonewalled against them. I really didn't want to start him against the Bulls, but he is a must start. But, as I said, he is on the bye. In his place we have Hendrix from Miami-Ohio. He averages 29 points a game, though the big numbers have come in the last 3 games against similar caliber teams. Against Cincinnati and Michigan, he had a pedestrian game. Up next is Northern Illinois, which is middle of the road in terms of talent. NIU gave up 46 points to my running back, Rawls. They are a great fantasy matchup team, it would seem. There isn't anyone else available on the waiver wire and I don't really have anyone I want to trade. If I lose, I lose. 
RB1: Abdullah is back from the bye week and playing an upstart North Western team that finds itself in the driver seat in their conference. Because all the other Heisman candidates have struggled, expect Pelini to give Abdullah the rock 30+ times. The North Western D is plenty capable of causing me to struggle. But, a guy who averages what Abdullah averages must be played. It is worth noting that NW allows only 150 rush yards. 
RB2: Rawls exploded against NIU for 46 points. Other than his down games against Toledo and UT-Chat, he has been a stud. Even those down games gave him 18 points per. All things considered, I would take that. He has Ball State this week who is 1-5  and allows 200 rushing yards per game. 
WR1: Jordan is a receiver that I have had on my bench for a few weeks. He consistently turns in points, his lowest total being 7 points and his highest being 33. I expect him to have a good game against Cal, who allows a WHOPPING 400 pass yards a game. 
WR2: Smelter is another player that has been on my bench. he has missed 2 games this year, but when he does play, he has been a difference maker. Last week he struggled against Duke, recording only 2 catches for 22 yards. He plays UNC, who gives up 300 passing yards per game. He is really a boom or bust player, considering that he has missed several games AND was injured leaving the stadium last week. 
TE: So, remember that I traded for Devon Johnson a few weeks ago? Yeah, so he is LISTED as a TE, but is ACTUALLY a RB. He is giving up 24 points a game on average. WOW. Talk about a league winner. He has Florida International. Yep. I will take that matchup, at least until halftime. He may not play all game, but I can be fairly certain that he will out-touch any other TE in college football. 

FLEX: Two weeks ago, Franks, the Texas State RB went on the waiver wire because he was on a bye last week. I picked him up, looking forward to the end of the season. I sat him that first week because I don't like the risk of playing new players. well, he played last night and got me a WHOPPING 3 points. Yep. We will holler at him next week.
K: Hunnicut is one of the best kickers out there. He is on a team that scores a lot of points. He gets Kansas State. While I don't think OU will score a TON of TDs, I DO think they will 
DST: Temple is playing Houston in a game that features the top scoring DSTs. The good news is, at least we know Houston's offense turns the ball over. 12 fumbles and 9 INTs. I live it.