Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Best5Zach's Fantasy College Football Week 10

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So, we are up to 21-6 in our different fantasy leagues. To break it down, I am 7-2 in the SEC Only league thanks to having Marshall and Artis-Payne. In my 20 man league, I am a perfect 9-0. I have scored 1460 points, which is the most in the league. The next player has 1305, and several others right in that range. For points allowed, I have had a lot of help on that front, only having 778 points. That's the fewest, by far, in the league. The average hovers around 1200. I did have one opponent that had an illegal lineup, which forfeited all his points. The best news is that I have wrapped up a spot in the playoffs. Amazingly enough, the random divisional drawings left the second best team in my own division. I am 9-0 and he is 8-1. Anyway, the real question is, who will get those first round BYEs. It's almost a certainty I will, as only the bottom 4 teams play in the first round of playoffs. Not much will change week to week for me here on out, but let's take a look at our lineup anyway. 

QB: Carden posted 38 points in a win over a terrible UConn team. And while I will take that, any day, it didn't filter down to Jone's, our WR1. The Thursday night matchup was a little deceiving. He passed for a billion yards, by only 2 TDs and 1 INT. When in the redzone, Carden handed the ball off after tossing an early redzone INT. He plays at a Temple team this week that is a solid defense who has a lot of takeaways. But, they have yet to play any dynamic passers. Even against average to good defenses, Carden is able to throw it and hasn't thrown less than 33 passes in a game all season. He is a must start at all times. 

RB1: Abdullah vs Purdue. Not even a question. 

RB2: Breida went off for 45 points against Georgia State, which makes it look like he is out of his midseason slump. Troy is up next, who allows 245 yards per contest. Troy is 1-7 against the .  I will take that matchup.  Though his touches have gone down, his efficiency with those touches have gone up. 

WR1: ECU's Jones has fallen off the leaderboard for Carden, it would seem. Hardy continues to be a force, no matter how many people guard him. I do think Jones will have a resurgence by year's end, I think it's time to move on. In his place we have Notre Dames Fuller, who has a minimum of 6 catches in all buy 1 game, a win against Stanford. outside of that aberration of a game, Fuller has been a force on the outside. He plays at Navy against a team that allows 240 yards of passing per game and 31 points. On the outside, that doesn't look very impressive. Navy doesn't play a hard schedule and they have only 3 sacks on the year. Expect Golson to scramble and run around a lot, but eventually find Fuller.  It has the potential to be a breakout game and I expect a 7 catch night. 

WR2: Georgia Tech's Smelter had the roller coaster ride continue against Pitt, just as we expected. He has a good week followed by a terrible week. He is a boom or bust player, consider that he plays WR on a triple option offense. The ball rarely falls in his hands, but when it does, it's usually for a TD. He also didn't have a rushing attempt last week and that will most likely change against a UVA defense. 

FLEX: Rawls left his last contest in the 1st quarter and didn't return. He was practicing today, however. Still listed as "possible", it's better to leave him on the bench. In his place, I was able to scrounge up Jhurell Pressley from New Mexico. He isn't a gaudy numbers kind of guy, but he supplies a solid  16 point average. He has scored at least 1 TD in all but 1 game this year and two of his last 3 games, he has gone over 100 yards on the ground. Additionally, he catches a pass a game, on average. He isn't going to win me any games, but he is a good pacer that will get you one the board. UNLV allows a whopping 263 rushing yards per game and over 500 total per game. He has one breakout game, which was last week against Air Force. While I don't see him going for 26 points again, it is reasonable to assume that he is on the upswing. 

TE: Johsnon is on a bye, so we are filling in with USC's Dixon, who has Washington State. This will be an offensively offensive game. Washington State may be able to slow down USC's top WRs, but they they will be unable to handle the big TE. That is, if he plays. He has missed two games this year. He had a big game against Colorado in his last outing, catching 2 TDs in his only 2 catches. 

K:The kicking carousel continues. Up next is Callahan from Baylor, who has Kansas. Think he will be busy with Extra Points?  

DST: Temple is on a bye, and I don't want to drop them. So, I picked up Duke, who has Pitt this weekend. Duke averages 19 fantasy points a game. I don't really like the matchup, considering Duke gives up yards on the ground and Pitt loves to pick up yards on the ground.