Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Best SEC Games of Week 9

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Gee. Thanks, Florida. Ok. Before you judge me too harshly,I should say now what I apparently didn't say in last week's Best SEC Games of Week 8 preview. What I MEANT to say was, Florida *must* win to keep Muschamp's job. I mean, really, they can't already give up....right? Yeah.....

So, I went on to 17-9 in picking games. I won't pay myself on the back too much because last week was pretty ho-hum in terms of games. And yet I couldn't manage to pick 100%. Go figure. Maybe I should spend more time these picks. Who cares. Yall aren't reading. 

Mississippi State at Kentucky
State is on top of the world. They knocked off seemingly solid opponents 3 straight games. But, turns out that LSU and TAMU aren't nearly as good as thought and Auburn looked awfully suspect when under pressure. Kentucky is a much improved team...sorta. They are certainly a feel-good story from the Blue Grass state whose best team for the last few years has been the Hilltoppers. While they had looked super solid, last week's performance at LSU was dreadful, capped by a failure to cover a squib kick. They were destroyed by a depleted and young LSU squad. Is it possible that State could head into Lexington a little too high on themselves? Yes. But ultimately, it would take an epic failure by all phases of the game to lose this game. I don't think State is ready to close the door on a National Championship quite yet. They are good enough to get out of Kentucky alive, though.
Mississippi State

Alabama at Tennessee
Just for a minute it seemed that the Tide was back. Yes. They drummed the TAMU team as bad as I have ever seen an SEC team get beat. But, here is the deal. TAMU is 2 first quarter stops from being run out of every game inside the SEC West. Take away the win against SCAR and what do you have? Nothing. Once you see the plays, you can scheme against them, which is exactly what the premier defensive minds in the SEC West have done. Ok, so I am being a little hard on the Alabama team. They are perfectly capable of winning each and every game they play. But let's not understate the ability of a good ole fashioned Nick Saban Boot. But, you can only motivate a team so many times and he just spent one of them after the ugly win against Arkansas. The good news is,Tennessee is right back to where we thought they would be....midpack in the SEC Easy. No. I didn't misspell that, get a sense of humor. I still think Tennessee is a good team, but they have glaring issues that have been moderately covered up so far in 2014. Notably, the offensive line, which Ole Miss destroyed. Look, State may be #1, but Ole Miss is the better team. Their defense is amazing. The shine was completely knocked off of the Vols this week. Alabama exhibits much of the same defense as the Rebels do, though they may not be as good on the back end as Ole Miss. Still, I would take Sims over Bo Wallace. Yes, I said that. And Bama has a running game, though it hasn't really looked like it at times. This rivalry used to mean something. It still doesn't. 

South Carolina at Auburn

SEC Game of the Week
Ole Miss at LSU
By year's end, LSU will be a much improved team with a lot of eligibility left. But, we saw what happens when you play a young QB against a good SEC West defense. And, Ole Miss is better than Auburn from top to bottom. The secondary from Ole Miss seems to take every 50/50 ball the other way. Every time I look up, they have another INT. LSU is pedestrian on defense, but they do have one thing going for them....location. Wallace has struggled over the last few years when playing away from home. Think about his last few games at Alabama, Auburn, and Mississippi State. He single handedly gives games away. The good news is, he won't lose the game for the Rebels. Instead, the Ole Mis D wins the day.
Ole Miss

Bonus Irrelevant Pick
Vandy at Missouri
Geeze. What happened to Vandy. Rhetorical question. We all know. The bigger question is, what happened to Missouri? I mean, they could possibly go from first to worst in the SEC Easy? (I used it again). The thing is, Missouri shows signs of life every once in awhile while Vandy has no pulse. 

This game will be a filler game that no one cares about.
 I'll take the Tigers.