Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Best5Zach's Fantasy College Football Week 7

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So, I improved to 15-3 this week. Not a bad week, all things considered. I even won in my NFL league , which means I have doubled the wins that Yahoo! predicted I would have. Keep laughing, suckas.
Anyway, after Last Weeks Post, a flurry of trading broke out, which shook up my lineup. The good news is, I THINK I have a team that can win it all. But, it came at a cost. I trade Bo Wallace and Evan Engram for Taysom Hill, the BYU QB. I figured I had ridden the Bo Wallace train long enough. I think he will falter down the stretch. Naturally, Hill broke his leg against Utah State. So, that was a bust. The other trade, however, was excellent. I noticed that one of my competitors had a high scoring TE. Like, so many points each and every week that I was forced to do some research. Turns out, Johnson, from Marshall, isn't a TE at all. Oh, he is listed as one...but he is actually their starting RB. And, a good one at that. He averaged 23 points a game. I had to give up a lot for him, but I had already decided that aside from Carden or Abdullah, I would give up whatever to secure him. Naturally, he gave me 37 points in his first week on my team, where he had averaged around 20.
So, who is up this week? A lot of my star power is on byes and I am depleted on RBs because of trades.
QB: Carden lit up SMU for 51 points, his second highest of the season. He is averaging 41 fantasy points a game and has South Florida next. South Florida has been able to stifle other players this year, but Carden is a guy you must start each and every week.
RB1: Abdullah is on a bye after the Huskers worst performance of the year against Michigan State. That wasn't a surprise at all. But, again, you have to start a guy like that. I scooped up Ward on one of the aforementioned trades. He is a RB from Oregon State, who has been splitting carries with Storm Woods, whom I trade away. Ward responded with 22 points for me, but he is ALSO on a bye. Meaning, T Rawls from Central Michigan is up as the RB1. He has NIU to play against. Rawls lit it up for me last week for 39 monster points. He averages a 30 point game in between pedestrian 18 point games. Meaning, he will probably be limited in production.
RB2: I am picking up Wick from Wyoming. After a limited roll against Michigan State two weeks ago and a bye week last week, he was available. I have had him 2 different times this year and he hasn't done much. He is playing Hawaii, which is a very favorable matchup. He hasn't scored more than 19 points a game yet this year, but he is dependable. I am expecting a big game following his bye. Hawaii isn't very good against the run.
WR1: He may not be Hardy, but ECU's Jones has benefited from the prolific passing attack from Carden. He is averaging 16 points a game, but his last two games have gone over 20 as the defenses continue to target Hardy. South Florida doesn't have the playmakers to shut down both Hardy and Jones. I expect them to target the former.
WR2: Mississippi State's Wilson has caught a TD in every single game he has played this year. Though it pains me to play him against my own Tigers, one can't deny that he is Prescott's game breaker. I won't go into it any more than that.
FLEX: Treadwell has been targeted by every team he has faced. He has had one good game, against Memphis. Otherwise, it has been tough sledding. Up next is a TAMU team that struggled with premier pass catchers. It's a boom or bust play. If I can get a solid RB on trade, I will be replacing him.
K: Hunnicut is one of the best kickers out there. He is on a team that scores a lot of points. Additionally, that team is coming off a loss and gets a rival in Texas this Saturday.
DST: Temple is playing a Tulsa team that can score points. But there is no DST out there, other than Houston, that can create takeaways.  I don't expect any points from points allowed, but I do expect a lot of turnovers.
In conclusion, I am not real happy with the matchups I have this week. I have a stable of very good and very consistent players which has allowed me to go out and get some boom or bust players. Of those, only Johnson has been a boom. The rest have been complete busts. The thing is,  in my premier matchup, I am stuck with them leading into a match against a 4-2 team with a lot of very good players. I may have to make some late trades.