Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Best5Zach's Fantasy College Football Week 9

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I improved to 19-5 this week. I don't know how. I had the epic bye week and tried to fill it in with free agents and left overs I had stashed away. When I went to bed, I was done. Abdullah was my last player and he was stuffed at halftime and I was down by 20. I wake up and I actually won. Don't ask me how. Anyway, a win this week gets me in the playoffs. So, let's win, eh? 

QB: Carden is back off the bye week after a very uncharacteristic performance against that pesky South Florida team. He is up against UConn. And, I am pretty sure the basketball team has a better chance of beating him. 

RB1: Abdullah and the Huskers are at home against Rutgers. Rutgers is getting better and has some playmakers on defense. They are midpack in points allowed, but it's worth noting who they have played some tough teams like Washington State, Penn State, and Ohio State. Don't be surprised if Abdullah has one of his slower games. Additionally, Rutgers can score some points, so that may be an issue. But,what are you going to do? Bench a guy who averages 30 points? Nah. 

RB2:Rawls  from C Mich has been 2/3rds of a great RB. He has monster games paced by "EH" games. But, his low games have still produced 16, 18, and 18 points, which is still better than any available FA out there. He has Buffalo, who is statistically one of the very worst defenses out there, and against some TERRIBLE teams. They give up 35 PPG. The only question is, will Rawls come out early? Considering that the Bulls are still midpack on offense, he very well may play the whole game. 

WR1: ECU's Jones has benefited from the prolific passing attack from Carden. He is averaging 13 points a game, after being held to only 2 points by South Florida. If his rebound games are on par as they have been, expect 20+ points.

WR2: Georgia Tech's Smelter had missed 2 games earlier in the year. Because of that, his total points scored had him low on the list. I sat him the first week as a precaution, which was great as he registered only 4 points. But, I plugged him in last week and he responded with 24 against UNC. Pitt is up next. The problem is, the Pitt Defense is ranked 14th overall. And while they have some cupcakes mixed in, they do have some decent teams on that resume.  I don't need him to catch 10 passes. I just need him to haul in that 1 play action pass for 70 yards. 

FLEX: Do we need to go over this again? Johsnon from Marshall is a RB listed as a TE. And, he is a great one at that. 25 points a game and has Florida Atlantic? Expect Cato to get them up early and Johnson to pound away in the second half.

K: I HATE to do this. I really do. I picked up Alabama's Griffith. It's a foolish pick up, but I have a feeling that Alabama will roll in Knoxville. I am thinking at least 5 XPs and 2 FGs. 

DST: Temple is playing a tough UCF team. And, they laid an egg last week. I am taking Clemson at home against Syracuse.