Friday, March 7, 2014

The Weekend is Here!

Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!

Oh, you haven't heard that song? Go look it up on Youtube. It's a good 'un.

So I tried out this new thing yesterday, blogging about my every day life. It's a funny thing. I track hits on the blog and about 30 hits is all I ever get on a particular blog post from Facebook. But, yall ate it up. If you haven't read it, well, you are probably this guy.
And, if you are, we need to hang out and drink some pinecone party liqueur. I won't hold it against you if you cant' read. But, if you aren't and you want to hear(read) what I had to say, Here It Is.

Alright, so here we go. It's the end of the week.

Yesterday afternoon I finally received a package from Palmetto State Armory. If you didn't know, I am building my second AR-15, which I call AR-15 V2.0. It's bigger and badder than my First AR-15 Build. But, because of all the scare tactics and fear mongering, buying firearms..specifically pieces of getting extremely difficult. PSA says to expect 14 days of assembly time. My first assembled lower came in under 10 days. This one was ordered 3 Fridays ago and hasn't shipped yet. But, when the UPS driver pulled up, I got all excited. However, the package he got out was not quite big enough for an assembled upper. So, I opened it up. What did I get!

If you didn't know, that's a bolt and carrier group and a flip up back site. The BCG is their premium full auto piece. I hope it's everything they say it is. So, I oiled it up with Gun Green Oil and stowed it. Well, it's pretty. Pretty useless. Sigh.

But I did get something useful in the mail:
So, it's officially unofficial. A little backstory on this. To get a master's at UAH, you have initially had to have 34 credit hours. So, this semester was supposed to be my last semester. I had taken the previous semester off. When I signed up for my last class, my professor asked why I was signing up. Well, obviously I want this degree, see. No, you misunderstand, he said. You're done.

Turns out, they dropped the requirements from 34 hours to 31. So, I was done a year ago. Great! I think. Send me my degree. Well, it doesn't work that well. I guess the degree printer only works 3 days a year. So, even though all my paperwork is done and everything is through the audit process, I have to wait until May. Man, that printer has the life. But, they did send me this paper. Crazy, eh? Can't print off a piece of paper and send it to you. So, we will print you a piece of paper and send it to you that tells you we can't send you a piece of paper.

One other thing did come in the mail....Advocare Spark.

The other morning as I was dropping the boys off at preschool, the daycare director (whom shall be nameless though if you read this, your kid probably goes there), came up to the car. She had this look in her eyes. I looked around making sure the laser beams were meant for me. Did a check bounce? Did I forget to dress myself and/or the boys this morning? But she opened the door, melted me with her death rays and said:

"Did you bring me my Spark?"

All I could think of was :

Ok, so if you don't know, my wife Alyse is a distributor of Advocare. Advocare is awesome. I admit it. It helped me loose the 20 pound that I have since managed to gain back! Anyway, Spark is an energy drink designed to replace caffeine. It is also boosts your immunity and helps with things, specifically, allergies. And, it's Alabama in the early spring and every plant is ready to douse you with it's genetic material.

Anyways, the daycare director was suffering from allergy headaches and had run out of Spark days ago. I guess Alyse fell asleep at the wheel and took her sweet time ordering up a new round of drugs...err....supplements to push.

So, I delivered that this morning along with two boys who are having their pictures taken. The good news is, when I deliver them, I am everyone's favorite person, so she thanked me sweetly. Of course I told her that I would be featuring her today on my blog. She cringed. I assured her NO ONE READS IT.

She is a great woman and I wouldn't make fun of her if I didn't totally respect her and love the job that she and the woman at her daycare do. After all, how many other day cares teach your kids great values and life lessons that you get to hear when they get home? Plus, it affords me comedy gold when Griffin tells Bible stories.

Ok. Where were we?
Pictures! That's right. Today is picture day. For Griffin (5), its cap and gown pictures. Yes. He is starting kindergarten this year. What does that mean? Well, to me that means I get $550 a month back in budget grease. To the daycare (and my wife), it means the impending Niagra Falls convention.

Anyway, this meant dressing them up fancy today. So I did. And I snapped a pic. 

Just kidding. I didn't send the baby in a BPS shirt (though I don't see ANYTHING wrong with it). He just has a bad habit of destroying ANYTHING he wears. Griffin, on the other hand, LOVES dressing up, but he doesn't know how to smile at a camera, obvious. So, we routinely get these kind of looks.

Got them loaded up. What's next? Well, I had to pack my stuff for tomorrows Eagle's Wings Benefit: Fishing' for a Mission in Tuscaloosa. In case you forgot, Uncle Tony called me and told me to punt on our usual fishing setup, so I had to visit Academy yesterday afternoon and purchase items. Believe it or not, I don't have a HUGE tackle database. Swim jigs and red crankbaits aren't in my arsenal. But he says they will be tomorrow. So, $75 later:
Rods packed. Bags packed. A whole box of Flip video camera, GoPros, and assorted equipment later:
There is *LITERALLY* $3,000 of equipment in that there pic. Sigh. Hobbies be 'spensive. By the way, if you don't have a BPS Rod Caddy, get one. Save your rod tips (giggitty).

So, gotta get through this work day.......

Which reminds me, I have work to do.