Friday, April 4, 2014

AR-15 V2.0 Part 4: Upgrades

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In case you have missed it, please go read AR-15 V2.0 to get up to date.

Well, the gun isn't QUITE perfect, mechanically. That doesn't mean it doesn't operate perfectly, because it does. I have decided that I do want to install a nicer trigger eventually, though they cost a good bit of money.

In the meantime, my friend Neil from Metalloid brought a smoking deal to my attention several months ago. Palmetto State Armory had a daily deal where you could buy a MOE FDE lower build kit with the premium full-auto BCG and charging handle for under $200. The BCG and handle itself is normally $150.

Although none of this was any performance upgrade from what I already had on the gun, it did provide slightly higher quality stock, grip, and trigger guard. Additionally, the BCG I had in the gun already was a premium unit, but it didn't have the PSA logo on it.

Anyways, a few minutes work and she was updated. Of course, now the gun is bi-ton, and it desperately needs a rail that is the same color. But, baby steps.

So, here is some quick math on what I have spent:

PSA Pictogram Lower: $75
PSA 16" M4 Premium Upper w/ Strikefire red dot: $422
PSA Flip up rear site: $40
MFT Quadrail: $60
Total: $788

You cannot buy a gun of this quality for under $1,000. Building them is the way to go.