Monday, April 28, 2014

Turkey Hunting 4/25/14

Last year I had said that I wanted to get a lot more turkey hunting done in 2014. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened. Up until this last trip, I had only gotten to hunt one other time, and I came back empty handed.  But, we did see turkeys and I did get some pretty good footage of them. You can read that post and check out the video by going HERE.

So, dad and I decided to make a Friday trip to Tennessee to see if we could scratch up some turkeys. But, unlike the last trip, we decided that we would bust the first jake or gobbler that came in range, rather than pass up turkeys.

We setup in the exact same place as the last trip, but we didn't see any turkeys on the roost, as we had done in the past. In fact, as the sun crept into the sky, we didn't see anything other than our own decoys. At about 6:30, a set of hens came over the hill and began feeding next to the decoys. They hung around for awhile before deciding to head off.

We were fairly certain that the hunt was over until the hens came back to our spot. Across the field, we spied a group of turkeys. With the hens in position, we knew it had to be the group of jakes we had seen the last trip.

As the hens clucked and called, the jakes made a bee-line across the field towards us. I setup my shot, making way to much movement and noise, but the blind isn't really made for two people to hunt. At most, it's made for a caller and a hunter. Though the hens knew something was going on, the jakes made no notice of us.

I turned the GoPro on and filmed the jakes getting into the kill zone. Unfortunately, as you can see, the GoPro was tilted up at the time of the shot.

But, I did get the shot off and I leveled the bird. He didn't move. But the other jakes did. 2 flew away, but a 3rd made a short hop and landed. Dad saw an opportunity to get a shot off, so he had me hit the deck. He was able to get a long shot off, but he connected on it!

We flipped the blind over and retrieved our kills! Getting a double is hard to do, but we pulled it off!

I tell ya, my Browning with the 3" 5 shot Hornaday round is deadly on these birds!

That evening, I sliced up the turkey breast, marinated it in my own custom EOTWAWKI marinade, and we chowed down on some grilled-to-perfection turkey!