Friday, April 4, 2014

Daily Update for 4/3/14

Yesterday just started off SWIMMINGLY. I woke up feeling about how I fell asleep: nauseated.

Gavin really helped things out by annexing the bath tub as his oversized toilet. This all came about when Aubree ran into my room and told me that she could tell he had eaten raisins and corn for dinner. I already had a belly full of drunk bees, so you can imagine how the thought process made me feel...and then I had to clean it up.

But I did. Because I'm a good dad.

I managed to get the kids to school. When I was offloading them, the day care head lady made the comment:
"We were wondering where you guys were." So, naturally I told her why. I think she got more than she bargained for.

I crawled to work, but I couldn't get much of anything done. I had a telecon that I had to sit in on, but I was only half way listening.

The day dragged on and I wasn't feeling any better. Eventually I decided that I needed to go home. Aubree had a game and I really needed to be on my A-Game for her team.

I got home and immediately hit the bed.

I slept for a few hours until a knock on the door woke me up. UPS delivered me a package from PSA. I had almost forgotten I had ordered anything since it took almost a month to get it to me. Inside the package was a furniture upgrade for AR-15 V2.0. Go check out the posts on it. It's a sweet gun.

Before I knew it, it was game time. I had to swallow a ton of meds to make it out of the door, but I did it.

The game did not go so great. It was obvious the girls had a ton of rust from spring break. We only had one practice over spring break and it really showed. The batting wasn't terrible, but the baserunning was. The girls acted like the hitting was the only objective. After they hit the ball, they would trot half speed down the baseline. At least 3 times our batter was called out on a force out at 1st where they clearly could have been safe. Nothing frustrates me more than to see a good hit pulled down the 3rd baseline only to see the hitter thrown out by a ball that has to bounce and roll to the 1st baseman.

Interestingly, Aubree was moved into the leadoff position. She is the slowest member on the team, which frustrates me to no end, since no one could ever call me slow. But, she does hit consistently down the 3rd base line and she is a good base runner. Between the half hearted base running and several strike outs, our team never scored enough runs to make it a game. Aubree did manage to fo 2 for 3 with 2 RBIs and made several great plays at 2nd base including one out and one that should have been an out.

Alyse had to leave halfway through the game to head to the Sportsplex for her own game. That left me with 3 kids to get in bed. Luckily, they were all tired, so that wasn't an issue. Griffin, however, managed to stay awake for about 3 hours, coming in my room and waking me up to the most asinine questions. I shouldn't say that...I know. But I was tired. And I felt terrible.

I still do. But I am hard. So I am at work. Blogging.