Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend of 4/17-20/2014

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The Auburn Realist: Overview

Wow. What a weekend! I started it early on Thursday night when Josh and I fished the Thursday Night Wildcat Tournament out of Ditto Landing on Wheeler. You can read about it and catch the vid on my blogpost here!

No. We didn't win. We didn't even get close. But we caught some fish and had a great time. I managed to catch 4 species of bass in one outing, which made me feel slightly better about donating my money to the other fishermen.

Friday morning, we all woke up early and headed to Auburn for a little baseball that night and then the annual spring game on Saturday! Now, I have to say that the ride down was a tough one. We brought the camper, since all of us were going and there isn't enough room at Kevin's house. Let me tell ya. Between the stress of hauling it and the stress of paying for the gas....I was SOOO glad just to pull into his driveway. I had to fill the Yukon up. Twice. Just on the trip down there. Add in the 30MPH winds and a nasty driving made for a long day.

But we got there. When we did, we immediately got an email from Auburn saying that the game was canceled. We had planned to eat at the park for dinner, so now we had no plans. No worries. Kevin and I headed to Publix for some fried chicken! Of course, we couldn't help but head by Cigar &Fine Spirits for some victory cigars. After all, we knew we were going to win on Saturday. If you like a great cigar and awesome atmosphere, check them out at 1849 Ogletree Road. We try and drop by any chance we get. They have great music, a fabulously stocked humidor, and fine spirits.

We stayed inside for the evening and visited...until I had to go out in the rain to set the camper up. THAT was fun. But, I am the daddy and that's what daddys do. Right?

We called it an early night, curling up in the camper and headed off to sleep.

As soon as the sun crept into the sky, the kids were ready to get out and play. We ate a quick breakfast, then headed to watch some Auburn Baseball!

The game got off to a super fast start at Auburn had a sacrifice single for a run and then a 3 run homer in the next at bat. South Carolina was able to scratch back to a 4-2 game, but Auburn put it away.

We enjoyed an awesome lunch. Now, it did cost me $42. But we all ate great. The baseball concessions are a LOT better than the football concessions. I had a brat with kraut and onions as well as a loaded cheeseburger. The kids had nachos and hot dogs. Alyse had the special, which was pork tacos with fresh trimmings. I did steal one and it was GREAT.

Late in the game, I took the big kids to watch the Tiger Walk from the top of the Plainsman Park. I was able to get some good footage.

Then, as Auburn sealed the deal, we headed into Jordan-Hare with all of our Auburn buddies! The crowd was primed and the atmosphere was AWESOME! The first half was explosive as Nick Marshall torched the defense over and over. Coach Malzhan gave our the SEC Championship rings to the graduated or NFL eligible players. It was very touching. Griffin didn't make it to halftime. as you can see. And, he rewarded me with free slobber.

Gavin, however, had his nap on the way into the stadium, so he made sure to pay attention. He is gauging the future talent! 

The second half was glorified garbage time, but everyone stayed because they wanted autographs .I know I did. But, almost as soon as the game was over, here came the rain! It made for a pretty awful session, but we all stayed! Because the crowd was so large, I was only able to visit with a few players. I was able to meet "Duke" Williams, Jeremy Johnson, and my favorite defender, Therezie. All were gracious with their time!
Aubree gets an autograph from Marcus Davis

Our favorite, Robenson Therezie

Stanton Truitt shows Aubree some love! 

Me and the future, Jeremy Johnson

Me and "Duke" Williams! 
 After our adventures in the Loveliest Village, we were dead tired. We grabbed a pizza from Sam's and called it an evening. As we hung out, Kevin and I prepared our Easter Lunch.

Talk about finger-licking good!

And just like that, it was time to head home. Ironic that the nicest weather we had all weekend was on the drive home. So much so that I now have a sun burn on my left arm....but that's how it goes!