Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekly Update for 4/7-11/14

So, I was *supposed* to be doing real work stuff this morning. I am conducting a capability demonstration of phased array ultrasonics on friction stir weld pull plugs. What's that? Well, go google it. Basically, we are looking to implement an inspection on future flight hardware to ensure it's viability. The work begins years before the first piece of the rocket is ever built. You have to be sure the technique works and the inspector is capable. So, here we are. I designed the test and I do the grading. The inspectors come in and use phased array ultrasonics to look for cracks, just as your doctor may do a mamogram once a year for prevention and an x-ray for a potential bone break.

Anyway, I came to work to continue this work, but no one is here. Probably on account of the AWESOME weather. SO, I figured I would update you all since I can't work on rockets.

Monday was a fairly slow day. I had a little of this and a little of that going on. I did write a Weekend Update, so check that out. I sold some guns. Traded for some. Played some softball. You know. Typical weekend. I hit the gym to lose some fat and get this shoulder back ready for NASA softball. But, I chickened out and stayed on the elliptical.

Give me a break. I only have an hour a day. So I spent that whole hour on the elliptical. Cardio, brah. That's where it's at. Also, I watch Adult Swim episodes on my phone and I text my "mass text" buddies funny stories of my home life. If you want to get in on that, let me know. I am good for a laugh a day. And all 7 people on my mass text list says:

That night I decided to take Griffin to see Captain America. I figured he would enjoy it, and indeed he did. We met my dad at the theater and I bought him a large Coke and popcorn. For all of us. Of which he proceeded to eat the entire kernel at a time. He loved the movie, though I would find his head on my shoulder at scary times during the previews and during the actual movie. At one point, dragons were featured in the preview. He looked up at my dad, scrunched his brows, and said "i don't like dragons. I won't go see that movie." But, he made it through the entire movie on the edge of his seat.

Tuesday was another typical day. I made it to the gym, only to discover that I had destroyed ANOTHER set of ear buds. Only one side worked. That made listening to Nine Inch Nails difficult. So, since I only had half the hype music, I only had half the effort. 30 minutes on the elliptical on Tuesday.

Aubree had a game that evening....against THAT team. Do you know THAT team? The overly competitive coaches who manage to draft better than you Ever. Single. Year. They practice more than you, though it's ironic that one of them is the official scheduler for the league. They seem to affect game play each and every at bat? Oh, and they have the kids that tell your team how much they suck? THAT team. I hate that team. My blood pressure hits 170 as soon as I step on the field. It doesn't go down for 3 days. Anyway, they beat us handily.
The highlight of the game was their coach playing headgames with ours....telling our fielders where to throw the ball. That was choice. But hey, as Blackstreet said:
Alyse had a game, so naturally she missed the game. And the game within the game. I don't even know if she won her game at the sportsplex or not.

Wednesday, Griffin had a game. What's to say? He had a good time. He hit the ball. He paid attention. He wants to play and he makes friends with his teammates.

I took off yesterday to do some Turkey Hunting with my dad. We had a good trip. We say turkeys. We caught fish. And yes, in my world, that goes together. Go read about it. Watch the vid.

Chick-Fil-A had a "Superhero" night. If your kids came dressed as a superhero, they eat for free. So, all 3 kids got a mask and in we went.

Turnts out, Gavin doesn't care for the huge cow superhero from CFA. Superman...ok. Spiderman. YES!. Cow?
Even with free kids meals, we spent $20. TWENTY DOLLARS!?!?!?!?! Turns out, eating healthy is expensive. So, a salad and a wrap with one lemonade? $20. Now, two large #1s? Half that. Lesson learned.

Last night, we played the same team. Again. Before the game, our head coach spoke to their coach and the umpire. They discussed the things we had seen and heard the other night, including the girls from the other team saying "you stink" to our girls as they shook hands after the game. Ultimately, the loss on Tuesday had our girls fired up. They played our of their minds on defense and held a 3-2 for 3 innings. It was 4-3 the other way after 5 innings. Eventually the talent caught up with us and they had a massive offensive inning and won 12-7, though it should be noted that our defensive mistakes, on top of playing down a player, killed us.

As we shook hands, the other teams girls made a show of telling our girls "good game" and telling themselves "you stink." The other coach then pulled me and our coach to the side and tried to say that his girls do that to their own players after every game. I couldn't listen to that garbage and I called him out on it, though I immediately felt bad about it. But, I was appalled that someone would think so little of me and my coach to try and pass off a half-baked excuse like that on us. So, I let him know. You know me. Making friends. Which is why I have precisely 5 people on this earth that can put up with me.

So, we did some gardening this week. Best5Garden is coming along great. Go read about it!