Monday, April 14, 2014

Family Fishing at Humphrey Lake

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You may have read in my blog post from Turkey Hunting that our family lake had been through a nasty storm. It had damaged the pavilion and knocked down a lot of trees. I needed to get up there and try to get a game plan together for how we were going to repair the pavilion and get it cleaned up.

Of course, we didn't tell the kids that's why were going up there. See, they have been on us for WEEKS to go camping up at Humphrey Lake. The problem was that we have two kids playing ball now and there is no such thing as a free weekend. So, getting up early on Saturday was the best we could afford.

We made the 1.5hr drive, watching "Frozen" and putting up with the singing, and arrived to see the devastation. I took video of the damage while Alyse took still pictures.

 We set out lunch and had a nice picnic, which was a roast beef sandwich for me. For Griffin, our picky eater, PB&J, a boiled egg, and guacamole.
 We got right to fishing and I was able to find some bedding bass and catch a decent one while flipping. I immediately came up with the idea of doing a flipping tutorial,

Griffin wouldn't get NEAR the fish and even Aubree had lost her nerve...which was unlike her. Gavin, however, had no problem playing with the fish. We went out on the boat for awhile. Griffin was terrified. He was constantly worried about us falling in, or the boat sinking. I guess he didn't like a little boat the rocks every time someone moves. We managed to catch a few fish and missed even more. Alyse missed the biggest fish of the day...and one of the nicer ones I have seen up at that lake in a few years. It's kinda my fault though. She was throwing a wacky rigged PTL Sick Stick, set the hook, got it to the boat, and I told her to boat swing it. She didn't want to for fear of hitting a kid in the face. Out the hook came!

The kids became exhausted and we laid them down to sleep.

Griffin REFUSES to take that camo jacket off. I mean, we got one naked kid and one wearing a coat. Jeeze.

Alyse and I slipped off to fish....for about 10 minutes. And then they woke up.

The good news is that I remembered to stop and buy night crawlers. After finding the honey hole, Aubree and Alyse SLAYED the bream, filling up a whole stringer.

Alyse even caught this baby bass, which she was the most proud of!
Gavin enjoyed roaming, but we made sure to have his life jacket on at all times.
In the meantime, I got on a good flipping bite using the PTL Gator. I flipped up a good mess of bass plus a bream, which I am not sure how it is even possible to accomplish. Every few minutes, I would look over to where the kids and wife were fishing and see them hauling in another one!

 I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the brush (and placing them in the lake for improved fishing!). We stopped to snap this pic of the kids.
Griffin was able to watch some turkeys playing in the big field next to pavilion while I worked. He really enjoyed that.

Then, we had the best part of the day! My grandparents have been begging me to bring home fish. So, we did just that. My granny cooks fish like no one's business and at 8pm, we sat down to eat a fine meal! The kids helped clean and cook the fish!

What a GREAT day. I hope they will always remember this day. And, I hope there are many more!