Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Update for 4/1/14

Man. Am I tired today. It seemed that it was just another day in Taylorland yesterday. If you keep up with me on Facebook, you knew that I had to present a "tech issues" presentation to my department chief. I wasn't sure what to in, who would be there, how technical it would get and so on.

When I arrived at 9AM, I found that it was a staff meeting for the entire division, so every branch chief for the division was there. That didn't scare me, but it did cause me to rethink my strategy...and my clothing choices for the day. But, if you know me, you know how I dress polo shirts and cheaper jeans.

Anyway, I was presenting info on the inspection that is being done in Utah. If you read my post yesterday, I kinda went into it. Basically, we use thermography, which is the study of heat propagation and dissipation in materials to check for issues. We are using it inside of solid rocket motors that are manufactured in Utah. Anyway, I went in thinking it would be a high level, 15 minute discussion. An hour later, I was mentally drained from covering all aspects of the inspection, from how it works, to what it looks for, its limitations, and its applications. Most importantly, we covered, in detail, the future of this inspection in the SLS project.

Just when I wrapped that up, I was asked to give it again at 3:30 to the heads of the booster project. Well, I have been to that standing meeting and knew what it mean....I probably wouldn't get out of the room before 5. That presents a problems since Alyse works until 4:30 and can't get the kids on time. Additionally, Griffin had a game that afternoon and Aubree had different places.

Luckily, I was able to convince the high end folks to let me go first. The presentation went great, but it was another hour long presentation that left me mentally drained. Luckily, Alyse was able to get the kids, but I had to help her get them to their games and practice. I flew home, Alyse took Aubree and I took the boys.

Gavin was well behaved, as long as I kept feeding him trail mix and peach-mango tea!
Gavin isn't crazy for most of the trail mix. He prefers the raisins and the M&Ms only. So, I had to learn that if I placed either of those two items on the seat while he had peanuts or almonds in his mouth, he would spit out the nuts....all over the bleachers....and cram the chocolate and raisins. Naturally, he would add "That's Disgusting!" after he did it.

I eventually learned what NOT to do...about the time he dumped tea all down his shirt. Griffin never had a ball hit to him, but he did get on base both at bats and scored once.
After the game, one of the team moms provided juice and frosted cookies....which was just AWESOME (sarcasm).

I then had to pick Aubree up from practice because Alyse had a softball game of her own. None of the children had eaten by 7, so I had to rummage around for good. Since Aubree is a meat eater, I simply warmed up some left over pork and venison for her. I threw some sugar snap peas on the plate and a little salad and she was happy. Gavin was much the same way. But Griffin eats none of these things. So, I started the oven to make him a pizza. In the meantime, I managed to eat a small bowl of salad. Eventually the pizza was done and Griffin scarfed down two slices.

In the meantime, I helped Aubree with elapsed time. You wouldn't believe how hard this is. Ok. I know you are laughing. Now, go try and explain this to an 8 year old:

"If dinner is at 6:30 and you have to do your homework, which takes 45 minutes, what time should you start your homework?" 

Try it. I dare you.

By now, it was 830 and I was dragging. I try to make every effort to read a bible story to the children, but I was the walking dead. I told the kids to just go to bed, but they wouldn't let me. It's bad when your kids beg for a bible story and you don't want to do it. So, I ponied up and told them the story of Legion. That might have been a mistake. But, they didn't seem to scared...but neither kid wanted to run down the dark hall.

I flipped on a DVD and watched a little Venture Brothers until I succumbed to sleep, about the time Alyse came in from her game.