Thursday, October 8, 2015

ESPN Pick Em Week 6

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Last week wasn't awful, but it wasn't the best either. It's time to step up the game if I am going to gain any ground. 

We have a new leader! bamamike is out and kingfi is in! A 54 point effort will do that for you! 

I hit slightly above average, but considering the amount of people that aren't participating at all, it's really under the average. Got to do better! 

Indiana at Penn State- Hackenburg is still doing his thing. Indiana is running the ball as well as anyone. Meanwhile, the PSU defense hasn't been nearly the 2014 unit was. Both teams are 4-1, but Penn States loss was to a Temple team who ALSO loves to run the ball.  Indiana's lone loss was a tight game against Ohio State.  I am taking Indiana. 

Northwestern at Michigan-Michigan isn't as good a team as we thought. They have too many holes in their team for a disciplined NW team can exploit. I am not betting against NW anymore. I will take the Wildcats. 

Wisconsin at Nebraska- Big game with big implications in the Big 10. Neither team has recovered from losing their coach and their best playmaker in 2014. Some one has to win. I will take Nebraska simply because Armstrong is better than Stave. 

Oklahoma State at West Virginia- We asked if WV was for real. Nope. Oklahoma State has quietly racked up a 5-0 record, but their defense is terrible. I mean, REALLY TERRIBLE. WV has shown some signs of life on defense, however. I think West Virginia comes up big in Morgantown, but expect a high scoring affair! 

Boise State at Colorado State-Boise State has been quiet the last few years, yet they still win game. Not much hope for the rams. 

Florida at Missouri-SEC let down trap game? Maybe. But Missouri hasn't shown signs of life at the QB position. Florida has been solid in all phases of the game. Florida rolls. 

Miami at Florida State-Entertaining game. Lots of sloppy play that will make it appear that Miami is in the game. They won't be. State keeps the streak alive.

Cal at Utah-Quietly the best game of the week. Utah has it all, at least in terms of the Pac-12. Cal falters. 

UGA at Tennessee-The slide continues for the Vols. 

Oklahoma at Texas-Next. Wait, there is no next. Oklahoma destroys Texas.