Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fishing Report for Guntersville 10/12/15

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After the fiasco that was our local club classic, Brad really wanted another crack at Guntersville. In case you missed that report, read it here. 

Fishing Report for Guntersville 10/4/15

Long story short, we had paid for a guide service. The day had been tough and we didn't catch many fish (6 fish with 3 fishermen, including the guide), but we according to the guide, it was just weather. He was sure he had put us on some quality fish. That wasn't the case last Saturday. It was more of the same. But, we wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and hopefully put some of that $350 to actual use, so we decided to fish the G against yesterday. To be fair, I didn't want to go to Guntersville at all, and neither should you. We have struggled all year on that lake and we were hearing that even the very best were struggling to catch fish consistently. 

An already over-pressured lake has had two "frog only" tournaments in consecutive Saturdays, plus the Oakley Big Bass Splash coming this weekend. What makes Guntersville great, especially this time of year, is the frog fishing. Despite what you hear elsewhere, it isn't great. In fact, it isn't even good. The proof is in the weights and numbers of fish being caught in the aforementioned tournaments. Sure, someone can and will catch 20 pounds. Most people will struggle to get five bites all day. If five blowups is what you are after, have at it. 

Sorry about that. Bit of a tangent. 

We did have a bit of a pattern last week that involved flipping main river grass just upriver of Roseberry. By bit of a pattern, I mean that we had a 300-yard stretch that would produce a hit every trip. Additionally, we had some intel that told us that there was a decent frog bite to be had around BB Comer. 

We started out in the early morning with a combination of flipping, frogging, and swimbaiting. The fog was really heavy and we couldn't really run any where. No bites. 

As the for lifted, we were able to run, so we ran down river to Roseberry to flip. 

Brad was able to flip up a 3-pounder. We marked the spot, which was right on top of the same spot we flipped up three fish in last week's tournament. We flipped the rest of the stretch without a single hit. Brad flipped the whole stretch while I alternated flipping, frogging, and swimbaiting. 

We made another pass which resulted in another fish, in the same exact spot. 

A third trip resulted in a third fish. Brad had all the hits, though they weren't the crunching hits you normally expect. They were coming further out of the grass in the small clusters on the ledge. And, they were simply swimming off with the bait. If you weren't paying excellent attention, you would miss the hit completely. Maybe that's why I didn't get a single hit. 

At noon we made some phone calls. With some intel, we headed up river to an active mat. When we pulled up, there were already two other boats fishing it. It sounded terrific as the baitfish and bream were feeding. There were active bass in the area as we could see them busting. But, we couldn't convince them to hit. I made several color and brand changes in frogs. I even added glass rattles. Nothing. 

Perhaps it was the fact that the mat had been beat to death. There were tracks all over it. We left it shortly after the other boats left. 

We ran to some other mats. Some had no action and some did, but all of them were beat up. 

Around 2PM we found a fresh mat that sounded awesome and didn't have a track mark in it. Fish were actively feeding, but we couldn't get a hit. We slowed down and flipped it. I threw a swimbait. Nothing.

We ended the day with three total fish for around 7 pounds. We had a grand total of six hits with Brad being on the receiving end of all of them. That's right. I fished from 6 to 3 without a single hit. 

Your results may very, but this will be the last time I fish the lake for the year,if I can help it. By my count, I caught only 24 fish on Guntersville this year, never more than four or five in a trip. I do admit that I am not a good fisherman and that certainly doesn't help, but I caught more fish in a single day most years than I have caught all year this year.