Monday, December 10, 2012

Product / Equipment Review for Mystery Tackle Box

I came across this little gem of a Facebook page about a month ago. Mystery Tackle Box can be found here. You can find their Facebook page here.

Mystery Tackle Box is just that....each month, you get a little package with a selection of lures and accessories. Some you might use. Some you might not have. With it being kinda close to my birthday, I sent the promo code to my wife. At the time, their current promotion was for a $4.99 box. Their boxes are normally $15 and it's well worth it at that price. My wife took that promotion and I quickly received my first box.

Personally, the coolest thing about the gift was the packaging. Very unique and you can tell that Mystery Tackle Box puts a lot of thought into creating more than just a box of random baits. The packaging really gives you a real feel for "OH BOY! WHAT WILL I GET!"

Well, in this package I received:
Logic Lures Tandem Rig(pictured)
Strike King 1/2 ounce Red Eye Shad (pictured)
Stanley Compact Spinnerbait

And a couple of other things.....

This is the perfect gift for any bass fishermen. Why? Well, for several reasons. Here are a few:
  1. Most fishermen know what they want and buy accordingly, making it hard for you to buy for them. This is a way to avoid getting the wrong thing...or at least displacing the blame
  2. It helps promote versatility in the fisherman you love by providing baits they may not use
  3. It promotes different bait companies out there, especially small businesses. These different bait companies may be something you and your fisherman have never heard from
    1. Some of these baits are just a little different than what your fishermen may already it just a little changeup that may make all the difference
  4. It's more than just baits. New rigging techniques and gadgets that will enhance your fisherman's experience
  5. It's actually something useful that comes in the mail!
  6. It will make your fishermen excited to get the mail, at least once a month!
Now, I admit that I haven't used any of it....yet. Life has been busy. But I plan on doing a monthly installment as well as updating you on the current promo code, which currently is GIFTS10PCT to save 10%. They have many different plans....and surely one is right for you! Check them out!