Monday, December 3, 2012

Wilson Lake 11/30

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It's not often that you can fish November/December in short sleeves. If you get the opportunity, you got to do it.

So. Jon and I did just that. We debated where we wanted to go and settled on Wilson since Pickwick is too far, Wheeler's water level is way down and there are no fish that bite in Guntersville.

As you guys are well aware, I have a special place for Wilson, as it has never done me wrong. There have been some tough days here and there, but for the most part, the fish are plentiful. I have caught some of my best bags out of there.

We didn't get on the water until around 9 since I take the kids to school. We put in at Lock 6 and fished the area pretty well, from the ramp down to Turtle Point Yacht Club. Nothing. So, we headed into Shoals Creek. We fished from 9-2 without much of a bite. I had a few nibbles on a shakey head, but I am almost positive it was bream.

We were seeing plenty of bait. The seagulls were going nuts on them. After awhile, we got smart and decided to start skimming water with the depth finders. We found bait ball after baitball, but no "arches" associated with bigger fish.

We covered point after point after point. Bait COVERED the screen of the Hummingbird 1198.

We were idling along as Jon was talking on the phone and we FINALLY ran across a bait ball that had bigger fish with it. However, it was in 40 feet of water. Neither of us have much confidence in fishing 40 feet, but it was the best sign we had seen all day.

He threw a Gambler Big EZ on a large lead head While I threw a Spoon since it is a technique I need to learn. I figured it was as good a time as ever!
He thew it out and crawled it over the bottom until something slammed it. After the first 3 seconds, we knew it wasn't a bass. It was big and it wouldn't give up.

On my first cast after tying the spoon, I snagged this dude

For the next 30 minutes, we caught drum after drum after drum. It was FUN! Hey, if you can't catch what you want, then catch something else! I also caught plenty of these dudes
Well, sad to report (at least to you bass fishermen) that is all we caught. But we had a SOLID limit of 50 pounds of drum! HA! I guess my lesson to learn is, you may be there to catch bass. But, it silly not to do something, like catch drum, when things get tough! I think the fishing is tough everywhere because there hasn't been a shad die off yet. There is too much easy food for the bass. I could be wrong, and probably am. HA!