Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review for Discount Battery Outlet

If you are like me, what's the one thing that you dread....most of all...when it comes to motorsports? Batteries. Specifically, dead batteries. It always seems to be the one thing that you didn't check, or didn't see coming until it was too late.

How many times have you pulled the boat out of the shop for that first spring fishing trip, get it off the trailer, and find out that the batteries didn't take a charge?

How many times have your pulled out your lawnmower for that first spring cut, only to find out that the battery is shot?

Well, both have happened to me this year. It's super frustrating and usually a game-breaker.

Like most of you, I am always on a tight budget and buying a new battery isn't something that I budget for, yet always ends of being a last minute need. Seriously, I don't have $100 to drop on a deep cell battery....ever....much less after I have fueled up the boat and the truck, and taken the day off.

Luckily, there is an alternative.

Turns out, a guy I went to high school with works for a company called Discount Battery Outlet. Discount Battery Outlet sells new, blemished, and used batteries for all your battery needs. Shane had seen me complaining about the batteries in my boat. They were still working and charging, but at a limited capacity, and I just can't afford to buy new ones. He quickly sent me a text telling me how he could save me money. He did the same thing when I needed a new car battery for my old 4th hand, thrice wrecked, Chevy Lumina, and even when I needed a lawnmower battery for my dads lawnmower.

The service has been great, but the prices have been the best part.

$39 with a $10 core charge for deep cell batteries
$15 lawnmower batteries
$29-$39 car batteries

All with a 6 month warranty!

So, you can rest assured you are getting perfectly good blemished or used batteries. They are all checked to make sure they are good quality before they send them your way.

Shane covers Nashville and all of North Alabama.
Give them a try and call Shane at:

You can find their location at:
 2409 Jordan Lane, Huntsville Al 35816