Monday, December 3, 2012

Product Review for Mystery Ranch S.A.T.L Assault Pack

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Info of this pack can be found on Mystery Ranch's website here.

The text from their site says:

The S.A.T.L. is the standard issue assault pack across all of SOCOM and is the first pack to use our Bolster Ventilation and Stability system. This system was initially designed to increase the stability of the pack over body armor. In addition to the higher stability the system also promotes excellent airflow across the users’ back.

I bought this pack as a result of a recommendation given me by a long time friend and serviceman. He said that he and his unit use this exact pack. That was really all the recommendation that I needed to try it. The cost, per the website is $385-472. A quick look on Amazon showed that you can't buy this exact pack on there, but you can get other Mystery Ranch products for around $220, though these are the much smaller packs.

Initially, I was overwhelmed by the bag. It has loops, belts, pockets, EVERYWHERE. There are pockets in pockets!

There are so many great things about this pack, but I will point out my favorites:
  • Inside, there are plenty of snaps and clasps for you to secure specific items. That way, they are secured and will stay right where you want them. For example, I have my multi-utensil on one of the clasps, where as it would fall to the bottom on its own
  • The interior of the pack can be accessed either by the drawstring enclosure at the top of the bag, or by the small section zippers down the seams OR the zippers that runs the entire length
  • The Bolster Ventilation and Stability (BVS) system is incredible. It is a set of tubes that run down the sides of the pack, and a lumbar support.
That, by no means, is the extent of the features. Heck, the volume alone is incredible. 3650 cu-in (60l). Are you kidding! Wow!

The durability is pretty outstanding. Initially, I had all the contents listed here. It was over 100 pounds, but the bag did great. In fact, I was limited by the contents rather than the bag.

The bag now houses a smaller group of items:
  • Army pup tent
  • Wool bedding
  • 72 hours of MRE
I am extremely pleased with the pack.