Friday, March 1, 2013

All New PowerTeam Lures and Colors!

Two new lures are out from PowerTeam Lures! Today. I mean, the pallets of new baits came in LAST NIGHT! It's almost like they were listening to the folks down our way who said "Hey...we need you to Super Size that Hammer Shad and the Tickler for the big pigs on the G!"  And when it comes to colors..."Where is my Albino color?"

As Professor Farnsworth would say in Futurama..."GREAT NEWS, EVERYBODY!" Both are now available in big boy sizes! And...BedTime Story is HERE! Plus new colors on the older baits! Don't forget, once you read all this....check out our PTL Contest! Don't forget to use the link on my page to get you 10% off!

First off, the Hammer Shad 4.8

Yep. The old Hammer Shad has really taken off in the last year, but at 3.6 inches, it could really benefit from a growth spurt to size up to the magnum competition out on Guntersville. Over an inch longer than it's little brother! If you don't know about the Hammer Shad, it is a bait designed to be fished on a drop shot to mimic a shad. But...SHHH....don't tell anyone...I use it on the Bama rig and as a trailer on my spinnerbaits. It's fantastic! It's unique! And now it's even better, measuring in at 4.8 inches!

Big brother to the popular 3.6" JP Hammer Shad, the 4.8" JP Hammer Shad was designed to do an equal amount of damage on the water. But now with its proportionally larger size, the 4.8" not only appeals to largemouth and small mouth bass, but it's also the perfect profile for both stripers and redfish as well. The 4.8" JP Hammer Shad can be fished a multitude of ways; Bottom bounce it on a football head, stroke it through the water column on a jig head, or fish it weightless as a twitch bait on a 6/0 EWG hook and Hammer bass near the surface. Also, due to its flat belly design, the 4.8" JP Hammer Shad is great for skipping in and out of the water like a fleeing bait fish. So when you see bait fish getting busting at the surface, you know what to do!  And for you Chatter bait lovers out there, rig one on the back of your 1/2 oz Chatter bait for an awesome big fish presentation.

 Comes in 7 color combos:
Casper Blue Shad
Green Pumpkin Light Blue Swirl
Panicked Perch
Slam Shad
Smoking Minnow
Spicy Goby

The Price?
$5.79 for an 8 Pack
Or, for BIG SAVINGS try the Pro Pack
$9.50 for a 25 Pack!

Next Up, the 7 Inch Tickler

This is the ORIGINAL bait that I fell in LOVE with, which made me seek out an opportunity to join the PTL Pro Staff. I received this in a Mystery Tackle Box. It is designed as a drop shot. The bait is incredibly supple and just comes alive in the water. But..again...SHHHHH....I use it on shakey heads. It's downsized from your "typical" finesse worms and much more slender and natural acting. And, I kept thinking...if only they would upsize this would be incredible on a T-Rig. Well, my wish was granted! The 7" Tickler. Comes 12 awesome and unique colors!

If you're an avid fan of worm fishing, the 7" Tickler has all the qualities you need to get the big girls excited. Between its tapered textured body, bulbous tip and strategically placed egg sack, this tantalizing worm was designed to tease the ladies from top to bottom. It doesn't make a difference if you rig it on a Shakey Head, Texas rig, Carolina rig, wacky rig or just work it weightless…once they get their eyes on these 7 inches of temptation, they'll be dying to get their mouths around it.  
Black & Blue Swirl
Blue Fleck
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin Light Blue Swirl
Green Pumpkin W/Purple Flake
Green Pumpkin W/Red Flake
Kitchen Sink
Oxblood W/Light Red Flake
Watermelon Seed
Watermelon W/Red Flake

The Price?
$4.09 for an 8 Pack
Or, for BIG SAVINGS try the Pro Pack
$7.50 for a 25 Pack!

Alright! How about that Albino Color!

Well, it's here for all your favorite creatures, craws, and lizards. Yep. Whichever your PTL spawn bed robber bait is...whether it's the Gator. favorite..the Craw D'oeuvre. It comes in BedTime Story!

And the good news goes on! New colors in the older baits!
New colors in the 5" Sick Stick…Watermelon red flake and Bed Time Story
New colors in the 3.5" Food Chain Tube…Kitchen Sink and Smoke w/black, purple & gold flake!  New color in the 4.5" Food Chain Tube…Black & blue swirl and Bed Time story!