Friday, March 8, 2013

MudSlam 2013 at The Great American Park

MudSlam 2013

It's the best event of the spring. MudSlam is packed with offroad action for mud trucks, rock crawlers, and ATVs. Join us March 22-23 at the Great American Park for a weekend filled with mud riding, rock crawling, ATV trails, camping, and the best time you'll ever have with friends and family! Park will open at 4:00 PM on Friday and close at noon on Sunday. There will be no new admittance on Sunday for riding.

You know, way back when, I was an avid drag racer. I still love cars, but I just can't get back into the sport. Off-Roading is something that one of my best friends, Kevin, is into. He lives in Auburn, and Auburn is home to some great off-roading. In fact, one of the big upstart off-road business, Busted Knuckle Films, was started by some guys I went to High School with. They have been VERY successful and now I hope to see them in action.

Man. Am I excited. Off-Roading is something that I have REALLY wanted to get in to. The last few times I have been to Auburn, my best friend and I have done a little ourselves....though we aren't very good. We fact....

I have nearly been run over...

I have seen good beer wasted!

But, practice makes perfect!

So, Kevin has been on me about visiting his family. When I saw that MudSlam was coming up, I saw it as a great opportunity to get into the sport. So.....we are going. And hopefully participating!

You can find the info on MudSlam on the Great American Park website. You can find a direct link here.