Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Product Review for the ALL NEW PTL 4.8 Hammer Shad

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Do you all remember the splash that Reaction Innovations made with the skinny dipper? It was cheap. It was versatile. It was fairly hardy. And it caught fish. But, like all things, the fish get used to seeing the same thing over. And over. And over. The baits get hard to find. And the prices have gone up.

When I decided to start shopping for a new bait company, I wanted something different and new. A company that developed baits with endless uses. Something that I could use a TON of different ways.

Enter the PowerTeam Lures and the Hammer Shad. Here is a quick link to Amazon and a vid.

Comes in 19 colors, including this list of my favs:
Casper Blue Shad
Green Pumpkin Light Blue Swirl
Panicked Perch
Slam Shad
Smoking Minnow
Spicy Goby

It's priced RIGHT. $5.79 for 8. Or you can be REAL smart and buy a Pro Pack and get 25 for $9.50. Wow.

Now. Let's talk about what it does. And that's everything. The description that PTL gives says:

Big brother to the popular 3.6" JP Hammer Shad, the 4.8" JP Hammer Shad was designed to do an equal amount of damage on the water. But now with its proportionally larger size, the 4.8" not only appeals to largemouth and small mouth bass, but it's also the perfect profile for both stripers and redfish as well. The 4.8" JP Hammer Shad can be fished a multitude of ways; Bottom bounce it on a football head, stroke it through the water column on a jig head, or fish it weightless as a twitch bait on a 6/0 EWG hook and Hammer bass near the surface. Also, due to its flat belly design, the 4.8" JP Hammer Shad is great for skipping in and out of the water like a fleeing bait fish. So when you see bait fish getting busting at the surface, you know what to do!  And for you Chatter bait lovers out there, rig one on the back of your 1/2 oz Chatter bait for an awesome big fish presentation.
In my video, I do a full on review. Check it. Buy it.

And, if you aren't convinced, watch me destroy the fish on Guntersville on my vid.