Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Product Review for the ALL NEW 7" Tickler from PowerTeam Lures

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Man, I LOVE the original tickler. When things are tough...throw a finesse worm. Stick baits are normally my go-go and they should be yours as well. When things are double tough. Throw a tickler.

 PowerTeam Lures says:
When the bass are in a finicky mood, a finesse presentation may be the only difference between a good day on the water and a bad day. It's times like these when the subtle horizontal quiver of a Finicky Tickler on the end of your drop shot hook will instigate those stubborn bass to strike. Deadly on a drop shot rig, irresistible on a shaky head, this versatile little worm will load your livewell no matter how you rig it. Fill your tackle bag with your favorite colors and say good bye to the phrase "the fish just weren't biting today".

Now, they designed this guy for drop shotting. But, since I don't get many opportunities for drop shotting, I like to throw it on a shakey head. Or Weightless.

But, sometimes I thought to myself..."Man...this design is so awesome. The realistic bumps and ridges. The tapering tail. I wish it was a LITTLE larger so I could also T-Rig it.

The folks at PTL and I are on the right page. last Friday, they introduces the new 7" Ticker in 12 colors!
Black & Blue Swirl
Blue Fleck
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin Light Blue Swirl
Green Pumpkin W/Purple Flake
Green Pumpkin W/Red Flake
Kitchen Sink
Oxblood W/Light Red Flake
Watermelon Seed
Watermelon W/Red Flake

the price? Try an 8ct package for $4.09. Or get REALLY smart and get a Pro Pack and get 25 for $7.50!

 PTL says:
If you're an avid fan of worm fishing, the 7" Tickler has all the qualities you need to get the big girls excited. Between its tapered textured body, bulbous tip and strategically placed egg sack, this tantalizing worm was designed to tease the ladies from top to bottom. It doesn't make a difference if you rig it on a Shakey Head, Texas rig, Carolina rig, wacky rig or just work it weightless…once they get their eyes on these 7 inches of temptation, they'll be dying to get their mouths around it.  
I couldn't wait to get some and I ordered a batch on Friday. I reviewed them on video, which you can find here!