Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MudSlam 2013 at The Great American Park, Auburn Al.

Check out the Vid!


We had been looking for an excuse to get down to The Loveliest Village on the Plains. And...it just so happened that MudSlam was this weekend.

Off Roading, mudding, and rock climbing is something that I would like to get in to. Kevin has always been into it and has already started building a serious rig. But...it isn't done yet. Which meant that if we wanted to partake in the action, we would have to do it in his rather stock Jeep.

As usual, the drive down was long. Especially when it cuts in to your time with your friends...and you have 3 kids in the car. But, they enjoyed a Bible Story DVD and the baby was well behaved. The traffic wasn't, however....

Anyway....Saturday morning rolled around and Kevin and I hit the trail! We had it all to ourselves until lunch time. We took a LOT of video. The stock Jeep did terrific.

At lunch, we picked up the older kids and brought them. By now, life was stirring at the park and the mud was swirling. The Jeep started having some problems...but we managed to get out of all the holes....until the last one of the day got us. Luckily, we were bailed out by some really nice folks.

We then watched some rock crawling and tractor pulling.

That night, we enjoyed a terrific steak dinner and watched the Nashville Predators. I was asleep by the 2nd period......

Sunday, I paid my respects to the Toomer's Corner Oaks. We had a Toomer's Lemonade and Ice Cream...then it was back home!