Friday, September 11, 2015

ESPN Pick Em Week 2

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Week one is in the books. Looks like most people did extremely well. Though we had two different teams that didn't input any picks, the average was still 35. No one recorded a perfect score, thanks to two pesky games. 

Penn State looks to have started just where it left off last year...throwing picks and taking sacks. So much for Hackenburg, eh? 

Additionally, the much maligned Northwestern program picked up a huge win against Stanford. 

Don't worry, most everyone missed the games. The question was, where did you have it ranked in terms of confidence points? I did have the forethought to rank the Stanford/Northwestern game very low, simply because I didnt' think the Cardinal had much of a team. I had this one ranked at 2. 

Unfortunately, though I knew how good the Temple defense is, in terms of fantasy points (sacks and INTs), I didn't think they would have enough firepower to actually beat a Penn State team with such a good defense. I had this game ranked in the 8 spot. Ouch.

Our league leader, bamamke697 also missed the same games, but he was smart enough to rank them 2 and 3. That led to a 50 point total for week one, which ranks 756th in all of ESPN, a true honor. There are hundreds of thousands of people playing this game and that is quite the accomplishment. 

Up this week is a much tougher slate of games. 

Of note is the CyHawk rivalry game at ISU. Both coaches need wins. ISU has won something like 3 of the last 4 meetings. Vegas has Iowa -3. If you are going to pick an
"upset", this is probably the best place to look.

Michigan vs Oregon State is intriguing. Michigan is a whopping 14 point favorite, despite laying an egg against Utah. Oregon State is transitioning to a new coaching staff and system. Honestly, I trust Gary Anderson more than Harbough and I simply don't think Michigan is THAT good. But, it's at the Big House.....

Sooners on Rocky Top. This may be the overall best game of the week, but it will do little to shape college football. This game is listed as a pick em. Good luck!

The Mississippi State vs LSU will go a long way to figuring out who is 3rd in the SEC West. LSU didn't get to play last week, which means they still haven't shaken off the rust. That's a bit of a good thing, as State won't have ANY game film. State lost a ton of starters (most in NCAA), but it has Prescott. Prescott won this game by himself last year. If we know anything, we know that Heisman moments are made against LSU, think Cam Newton. 

Good luck everyone! I expect the average score to be fairly low. We will see!