Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ESPN Pick Em Week 5

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Hey look! I actually scored pretty well this week! Well, I scored above average, so...
It's crazy that I am scoring a little over 50% in a straight pick 'em league even though I am doing better against the spread! 

Anyways, it isn't too late to join up. Check out our group, the Wild Wild SEC West

For the 4th week in a row, Bamamike697 stands on top of the group.  But, he isn't alone at the top. He had a rough week last week, managing to get only half the games. 

WVU at Oklahoma-Is WVU for real? They've come along strong the last few weeks. Usually the Mountaineers start strong but the wheels start to fall off mid-season. Additionally, they haven't fielded a defense...until this year. The defense looks pretty solid. The Sooners have thrown up a ton of points. This game is at Oklahoma and should be a good one.

Minnesota at Northwestern-NW has started out amazing. No one saw them starting 4-0. In fact, most people picked against them for several games. Minnesota may be well-coached, but they haven't shown much ability. Do you ride the Wildcat train one more time? 

Pitt at Virginia Tech-With Connor lost early in the season, Pitt's ability to be a top-tier team evaporated. Virginia Tech looked good at against Ohio State, but hasn't been a decent team since. But, Blacksburg is a tough place to play, even when VT isn't very good.

Alabama at Georgia-Buckle up. This is a straight pick 'em according to the stats. I like Georgia as they seem to be more balanced. 

Kansas State at Oklahoma State-The OSU offense finally returned! Many were wondering where the Cowboys had gone. Kansas State lost so much underrated talent last year and people are finally seeing just how good the QB/WR combo was last year. I like the Cowboys. 

Notre Dame at Clemson-Clemson has been fairly quiet, unlike the Fighting Irish, who have battled through a ton of injuries. Expect last week's game film to catch up to the Irish against a good Clemson team. Playing in Death Valley is huge. I like Clemson....more than most. 

Iowa at Wisconsin-Ferentz really needs to win this game. Wisconsin's run as a top level team looks to be over. I still like the Badgers at home, but this is a much better....and than people think. Iowa is one of the very best against the run and the Badger's haven't been the same. 

Air Force at Navy-Keenan Reynolds finally heated up. Air Force has very little chance in this one. 

Ole Miss at Florida-Not even close. Not even in the Swamp. Ole Miss roles. 

Mississippi State at Texas A&M- While TAMU is due a letdown, last week showed what we knew about State. They just aren't good. Barring a colossal meltdown, TAMU rolls.