Thursday, September 17, 2015

ESPN Pick Em Week 3

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I call for a mulligan. See, apparently ESPN took all my rankings and flip-flopped them. I woke up Sunday to look at my scores and noticed I had a horrible score. It had taken 1 and made it 10 and 10 and made it 1. Rough. 

It wasn't so rough on Bamamike697 who finished atop the standings....again. He has had consecutive 50 point efforts. Only a sillt pick of Mississippi State over LSU kept him from perfection in week 2. 

I made the same pick. 

Anyways, it isn't too late to join up. Check out our group, the Wild Wild SEC West

Nebraska vs Miami-I love seeing the Huskers struggle after firing Pelini. That's what you get. Armstrong and Westerkamp are a good combo. Miami is hard to gauge as they have run the score up. But, they have allowed a scary amount of points. I believe this will be every bit the shootout that last year was. It's in Miami. I am taking the 'Canes

Cal at Texas-Is it possible for Texas to look any worse? I just don't know where to go on this one. I guess I will throw dirt on Texas and take the visitors. Texas couldn't stop Rice. RICE! 

Ole Miss at Alabama-Ole Miss is hard to gauge. They haven't played anyone. I guess Fresno counts? Anyway, they have set records for 76 points back to back. Guess what, it's Freeze. That offense always falls apart. Will it be this easy? I think so. Kelly tosses this game. Tide wins ugly. 

Pitt at Iowa- If Connor was still playing this would be a Pitt win. But, it isn't.  Both teams aren't very good, but not having one of the best RB in the nation is a deal breaker. 

NW at Duke-Duke hasn't been sharp. NW has pulled off a very tasty win against Stanford. Duke may not have its two playmakers from last year, but it is still a very good team. NW is a heavy favorite. I'll take Duke. 

BYU at UCLA-BYU is a heavy underdog again. But, they keep winning. UCLA has the new hot QB. We have heard that story before. If they keep Perkins involved, they will win. If they let the new freshman QB throw and throw, BYU will take them and a win back to Sack Lake City. I think that's exactly  what will happen. Solid mistake free football trumps the hyped one. 

GT at ND-GT is a slight favorite right now. ND is going to lean on Procise a lot. Remember that they lost their entire backfield already. Fuller is still one of the very best WRs in the nation, but can Kiser get him the ball? GT's run game can't be stopped once the ramblin' wreck gets started. I will take GT. 

Standford at USC-Anything can happen in a rivalry game. We saw Hogan struggle against everyone then manage to win last year. But, this USC is very good. A balanced offense will grind the clock. USC wins handily. 

Auburn at LSU- Next.

Illinois at North Carolina-The Tarheel offense has struggled and I don't know why. Just kidding. I know why. They won't let Williams be Williams. That changes. Tarheels crush the Illini.