Thursday, September 10, 2015

Start 'Em, Sit 'Em for Week Two: WR/TE Edition

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Start 'Em, Sit 'Em for Week Two: QB and RB Edition

Did you draft Braxton Miller? If not, you better have added him after his very first touch Monday night. I did draft him. He is a must-start on any format. IF you didn't get him, you should probably throw everything at his owner in hopes that it doesn't cost you too much now. 

How about NC State's Samuels? The hybrid TE ran in three....THREE....TDs. I honestly don't think this is going to hold over all year. Against inferior competition, this was simply an opportunity to give opposing coaches something to focus upon OTHER than the Wolfpack passing game. That being said, if he runs in even three more TDs the rest of the year, he is worth owning. Keep in mind that he DID have four catches, so that alone makes him a low-level TE worth adding, especially in PPR leagues. If...and a big IF....he continues this production, it will rival Devon Johnson's 2014 value, where he was listed as a TE. 

Duke's Deaver didn't pan out in week 1. But, this is a guy that has something like 100 career catches. He will eventually show up. If you don't already have a top level TE, get this guy and hold on to him.

True to their word, the Arizona State staff gave DJ Foster touches out of the backfield in addition to opportunities down the field. The Texas A&M defense was just too good and the Sun Devils struggled. CAPly is up this week. Foster will have a field day with these guys. He is a must start. 

TCU's Doctson was a huge question mark because of his injuries. It prompted me to sit him until that was resolved, even though the coaches said he would play. In addition to his injury was the fear of the ball being spread thinly in the Frogs offense. Yet, Doctson had 74 yards and a TD. If you paired him with Boykin, hold on to your horse. It will be a great year. Additionally, he is a must start if you are playing Boykin's owner. Any TDs to Doctson are a major handicap that is to your benefit. He is a must play. 

TAMU's Christian Kirk provided the biggest surprise this week. If you have a league that counts special teams You really lucked up. But, probably not since he wasn't really drafted. You may think you have it made if you got him via WW. Don't hold your breath on this guy. We have seen it before. Leagues aren't won on single week performances. While he does have value in leagues that count special teams yards, he is still on a team with the 2nd best WR corps in college football....not counting him. I just can't buy in to a player on a spread time with that much talent. Also, the ASU game was a big deal. Chances are, Kirk was used because of the lack of film that anyone had. With the focus on all the other five-star guys, Kirk slipped through the cracks as a the focus of the offense in week 1. He may get play this week against a lesser opponent, but be very wary of using him. This situation reminds me of Ole Miss' Core last year. Core exploded on the scene in game one, but was mediocre for the remainder of the season, though he was picked up in every single league. Jay Lee from Baylor is another great example of a player who had a huge week and may be a decent stash or trade bait pickup, but ultimately isn't a good reliability assurance. If you have Russell, then he is worth owning and starting. 

Rutger's Carroo had three catches in week one. All went for TDs. Yes, he is an NFL talent. Yes, he is worth owning. But, again, stability is going to be a major issue. He has Penn State and Michigan State over the course of three weeks. Then, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Michigan in straight weeks. If you are willing to hold him until the last few weeks of the season without any production, go for it. In those 5 games last year, he scored 28 total points including outings that resulted in 0,3, 7, 8 and 10 points. He gets Washington State this week, a team that he torched for 21 points last year. I expect him to do that this week as well, but that makes him prime Bears and Bulls material. Play him and trade him. 

Air Force's Brown is a player that is currently under the radar. This guy had touches out of the backfield, as a pass catcher, and on special teams. However, his lone TD was on a kick return, which many people may not get points for. But, Air Force's willingness to use him all over means he has value. He won't be held without an offensive TD forever. He is worth an add, but he doesn't have much value against SJSU or Michigan State, as both have solid defenses. Sit him now. Play him later. 

La Tech's Turner is only in the top 20 because of his return yards and a TD. He did add a reception TD, however. If...and a big have Driskel, playing him against WKU could turn into a 60 point swing. If you have a 3 solid RBs that are going to put up points, play him.