Friday, September 18, 2015

Start 'Em/Sit 'Em Week 3: WR/TE Edition

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For the most part, I was on target for most of last week's Start 'Em/Sit 'Em. The issue for me was that my opponents had record weeks across the board. I went 1-6 with some big hits and misses. Of note was scoring over 200 points and still managing to lose. I did manage to cash a check on Draftkings, so there is that. You can read last week's articles below.

Start 'Em, Sit 'Em for Week Two: QB and RB Edition

Start 'Em, Sit 'Em for Week Two: WR/TE Edition

TCU's Doctson is ready for a bust out game. He has 12 total receptions and 1 TD against mostly soft teams. He sat out most of last week's game. He has in-state SMU this weekend. Expect a heavy workload against a team that gives up 275 yards passing. Start him. 

After a huge game 1, Braxton Miller, as well as the OSU offense in general, suffered a slow week against Hawaii in what should have been a stat buster game. It wasn't to be. Up next is NIU. The Huskies have been solid against the run and dreadful against the pass. Additionally, NIU can score points, so it is very likely that Miller may be in the game the whole time. Start him. 

NC States Samuels has 4rushing TDs and 8 catches. The catches and yardage alone make him a must start. His rushing ability makes him one of the top over-all plays. Be wary of riding him past this week. Old Dominion isn't a team with any sort of defense, nor has the Wolfpack's opposition in the last two games. When the games get harder, Samuels may turn out to be a novelty. If his carries slide this week, sell high. But start him this week. 

Ricardo Louis has excelled thus far in Auburn's offense. That's solely because of his ability to rush the ball. While he will continue to get sporadic carries, the struggles at QB make it very unclear. He is worth keeping, but it is a tough play against LSU. It is worth mentioning that Auburn's ability to win rests heavily with Ricardo's playmaking ability. But, fantasy points wise, this isn't a smart play. Sit him.

LA Tech's Turner has been a very solid player. He hasn't been a blow up type scorer, but he has been as stable as any WR. He is against Kansas State this weekend. Kansas State's defense should be avoided at all costs. Sit him.

Getting a read on Miami's defense is tough. They haven't played anyone. But, they are giving up less passing yards than rushing yards while picking off 4 passes. Not so for Nebraska, which played a tough BYU team in week 1. Westerkamp was heavily involved in the loss, but spelled early in last week's contest. He looks to repeat that, but Armstrong has been turnover prone is the past and this looks like a game with a lot of risk. If you feel good about your other positions, this is a risk vs reward play. If you have a WR1 that adds rushing value that will likely do well regardless, start him. 

Oklahoma States Glidden is primed to have a big game against UTSA. He has 9 total catches but has 2 TDs. Those both came last week. UTSA gives up 240 pass yards per game and has only 1 TD. The typically high-scoring OSU team hasn't been quite that impressive yet. That should change this week. Start him. 

The Fightin' Irish's Prosise is a guy that must be started in all leagues regardless of his opposition. The guy is still listed as a WR but is currently the starting RB. He is a solid runner to boot. Start him.

DJ Foster has been largely underwhelming. But, he has been consistent. He will eventually have those blow up games. But, until then, consider that he has rushed the ball 15 times in two games while adding 12 catches. He only has 1 total TD. That will change against New Mexico. Start him. 

JuJu Smith-Schuster is everything we all expected. He had a monster game against Idaho. Up next is a Stanford team that isn't as good as past units. However, always be wary of rivalry games. While it is silly to suggest sitting a guy who has 45 fantasy points in two games, it is wise to hedge your bets with someone like Foster who is sure to get some points.
Boise States Golladay has had 17 catches in two games and has 47 points .What is most impressive is that neither game was that much better than the other. He had two TDs last week but less yardage than the week before, which evened out. That being said, Ohio State will be the hardest test of the season for Golladay. Expect the Broncos to have trouble with the Buckeyes. Their lone chance to stay in this game resides with their QBs ability to extend plays and rush the ball. Ohio State is giving up only 138 yards per game and that was to two pass-happy teams. Sit him. 

Oregon's Addison had his best week so far is the loss to Michigan State. The Ducks have another tough matchup next week against Utah. It is wise to see that he was limited against lowly Eastern Washington leading up to the MSU game. He will probably be limited in action against Georgia State, even though the Panthers are better than most people realize. However, if you are in a return yards league, that changes things. Start him in return yard leagues. Sit him otherwise.

Ole Miss's Treadwell has been rested through two blow out victories. His 11 total points make him a high-value add. He is at his best against premier competition. It doesn't get better than Alabama.  Barring a complete disaster, he should be viable. Start him. 

South Alabama's TE Everett has 7 catches and 1 TD thus far. He was limited against Nebraska last week. Expect that to change against SDSU. Start him. 

WKU's Taylor hasn't blown up, but neither has the pass-happy WKU who struggled in their win against Vandy. Taylor had 5 catches last week and a TD. In addition, two rushes. Up next is Indiana who gives up 350 passing yards a game. Start him.