Tuesday, September 22, 2015

ESPN Pick Em Week 4

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Another brutal week. This week I don't have any excuses. 

Anyways, it isn't too late to join up. Check out our group, the Wild Wild SEC West

I took BYU over UCLA, expecting the Rosen One to falter. He kinda did. Then he didn't. UCLA won. Stanford knocked off USC. I did note that anything can happen in rivalry games. It did. I took a bet on Georgia Tech. Didn't work out. Then, there's Northwestern. Apparently their week one win against Stanford wasn't an anomaly. They took on Duke, who I thought was a much better team. I ended up with a measly 26th points which dropped me near the bottom. Glad I had no money on these games. 

Guess who is still at the top? You guessed it. BamaMike. He missed some tough picks including the USC/Stanford game in his 8 spot. Still, his 38 points are impressive.

We have a very interesting slate of games this weekend.

TCU vs TexasTech-This would appear to be a trap game. But, Kingsberry has a way of disappointing after big games. He ran his mouth after the Arkansas win. TCU will tear them up. 

Georgia Tech vs Duke-Very interesting game. Both are coming off of losses. But, GT is well prepared to pound Duke, who I don't think has the physicality or play makers. 

Oklahoma State at Texas-Texas had a heartbreaker last week. State is starting to look like the team we thought they could be. Who knows who will show up. 

UCLA at Arizona-Arizona hasn't stopped anyone's offense. UCLA has a very balanced attack. I will take UCLA. 

Utah at Oregon-Tough one to call here. Both need a win to climb back on the horse. I tend to think it will be Oregon, but Utah is a very good team. Booker is a great back and anytime a team has a solid run game, it can negate the homefield advantage. Still, talent is on the Duck's side. 

Mississippi State at Auburn-Can Auburn be any worse? Nope. This coaching staff will be in serious trouble if it can't win this game. A blowout will make things really interesting. But, desperation is no reason to pick a team. 

NIU at Boston College-Boston College looked inept against Florida State. NIU has surprised some top level teams. This is a good risk vs reward play. 

Tennessee at Florida-One of these teams is better than you thought. The other lost to Oklahoma. 

USC at Arizona State-No one....NO ONE....has been able to pick this game correctly with any certainty over the last few years. Nor will I try. Just rank it low whichever way you lean.

BYU at Michigan-Michigan simply isn't good, but they have two wins. BYU has lost a tough game to Nebraska just a week ago, but BYU is a good team, yet we have seen as good as they can be. How bad can they be?